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This will be an interactive session with an hands-on component. We would like to cover the following topics:

  • From Digital Objects to RDF Graphs. RDF Types, Data and Object Properties in the Fedora4/LDP Context
  • How different containers can help in resource management. When to use which one, where to put your resources
  • Atomization v/s complex structures. Define a "thing", then describe the "thing".
  • PCDM as a structural Ontology
  • Real World Data modelling:
    • Simple:
      • Photograph with descriptive metadata (Real tangible thing)
      • a Concept (Skos) (Abstract definition)
      • Mix Both
    • More advanced
      • Photo Album (reuse the simple example)
      • A Collection of Albums
    • Extra Advanced
      • A Book with IIIF Presentation API 2.1 metadata structures and equivalents
  • Open Discussion: 
    • What RDF constructs are being used in Libraries, Research Institutions, Scholar Repositories? 
    • What are your use cases? Do they make full use of Linked Data conceptos?
    • What will happen with hierarchical metadata currently in XML (MODS, METS)?
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