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Use Cases Wanted!

The Fedora community is encouraged to add use cases in the format detailed below by creating a new sub-page from this wiki page. In order to ensure that the community's needs are reflected in the software, this input is critical.
Also, please review the existing use cases here and comment on or "like" ones as you see fit.

Use case structure (from Wikipedia):

Title (Goal) 
Primary Actor 
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens) 

Note to Sponsors

DuraSpace Sponsors: Please add any additional use cases you might have on our Sponsor Use Cases page under the title of your organization, or feel free to comment on any of the use cases compiled below.

Categorized Use Cases

 F3 to F4 Upgrade Use Cases
 Admin UI Use Cases
 Backup Use Cases
Backups / Disaster RecoveryJonathan GreenOct 25, 2012
 Multi-Tenancy Use Cases
Multi-tenancy Single Fedora InstanceJonathan GreenJan 08, 2013
 Policy-Driven Storage Use Cases
Hybrid Use CaseEdwin ShinJan 08, 2013
Policy-controlled storageA. SorokaJan 08, 2013
 Durable Storage Use Cases
No content found.

 Hydra Use Cases
Hydra Authorization Use CaseAndrew WoodsMay 28, 2014
 Islandora Use Cases
No content found.
 Uncategorized Use Cases
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  1. Ben-- under externalizable IDs, would you buy this:

    Fedora should be able to produce and manage externally-meaningful IDs, without respect to its internal workings...


  2. Ben-- under "Flexible types of stored entities", are you contemplating a meta-contract that would be exposed to the community and its developers for people to fulfill in order to create new providers for these kinds of entities? E.g. someone (J. Random Fedora Institution) who wants to add a "PREMIS module" would be able to fulfill a certain meta-contract with the repository architecture and interfaces and guarantee themselves of good operation? Or is this about work that we might do near-term in the core of the project to actually produce some of these new kinds of providers?

  3. I'll respond ASAP in the relevant page discussions. Thanks, Adam!

  4. 1

    Is there going to be some effort to distinguish in this list between use cases and features/requirements? It's making it kind of hard to read the page.