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Portable citations (discontinued)

  • Student: Jodi Schneider
  • Mentor: Stuart Lewis
  • Mentor Backup: Claudia Jürgen
  • Mentor Backup: Christophe Dupriez

Design Requirements (What should the program do?)

Portable citations provides utilities for metadata import and export. Anyone should be able to export the metadata in DSpace to bibliographic software. Administrators need to be able to import citations from bibliographic software and internal databases. What bibliographic formats and software should be supported?


Capture/export from various DSpace modes

  • list level
    • browse
    • search
  • individual record level
    • short item record
    • long item record

Formats/programs to export into


Additional formats for export, if possible

Further additional formats that could be supported


The import utility should accept certain formats by default. It must also allow configuration at the repository level, to add import formats and to change the crosswalk assumed.

Included "out of the box"

  • BibTeX (Example BibTeX file)
    • brief BibTeX format
    • full BibTeX format
  • Dublin Core XML
  • Endnote
  • RIS
  • Various publishers' formats
    • specifically mentioned to me: PsycInfo, Agricola, ERIC, Encyclopedia Brittanica


Configuration may be necessary to import file formats aside from the expected ones. Configuration may also be necessary on the entire suite if a local instance uses an extended or modified metadata scheme.

  • Configurable to add import file formats
    • For example, retrieve metadata from faculty website (publications section)
  • Configurable to "crosswalk" from one format to another.
    • For example, a repository manager may wish to transform citations from RIS format into the DC scheme used in a local instance of DSpace. S/he would like to modify the crosswalk by filling in the "source" and "target" fields on a grid, like this:
      Source      Target
      Format      Format
      A1     =>
      TI     =>   citation.atitle
      JF     =>   citation.jtitle
      VL     =>   citation.volume
      AB     =>   description.abstract


Various schemes, file formats, and scripts are used for bulk import into DSpace instances. Are there any common features and needs? Ideally, Portable Citations will be usable in all circumstances. Are there particular features of the program that will facilitate this flexibility? Portable Citations will need to be tested against each of the most common import methods.

See also

Project Wiki Pages for this Project, "Portable Citations"

DSpace Wiki: Metadata and Crosswalk-related Wiki Pages


DSpace Code: Configuration Files related to metadata in dspace/config/

See also dspace/docs/directories.html Customizing Submission Metadata Entry

  • controlled-vocabularies/
    - Fixed, limited vocabularies used in metadata entry
  • crosswalks/
    - Metadata crosswalks - property files or XSL stylesheets
  • dspace.cfg
    - main DSpace configuration file
  • dc2mods.cfg
    - Mappings from Dublin Core metadata to MODS for the METS export
  • input-forms.xml
    - Submission UI metadata field configuration
  • registries/
    - initial contents of the bitstream format registry
    and Dublin Core element/qualifier registry. Registry configuration files are
    only used on initial system setup. After initial setup, the registry is
    maintained in the database and may be changed through the Administrator's Metadata
    Registry (e.g.
    http://localhost:8080/dspace/dspace-admin/metadata-schema-registry for an
    installation on localhost.)

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