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This documentation covers the latest release of Islandora 7.x.

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In this section, you will find installation instructions for Islandora, aimed at different use cases:

Islandora Enterprise (ISLE)

ISLE is a community developed project that supports a set of maintained Docker images that provide a fully functioning Islandora platform for development, staging, and production digital repositories. ISLE runs as set of Docker containers (similar to virtual machines) that will run all necessary components of Islandora. 

The ISLE documentation provides clear instructions on how to do the following types of installations and updates:

  • Demo ISLE Site: quickly create a new Islandora platform on your laptop or workstation (also good for local development)

  • New ISLE Site: create a new Islandora platform on a production, staging or development server (i.e., starting from scratch)

  • Migrate to ISLE Site: migrate a (non-ISLE) Islandora 7.x platform to ISLE on a production, staging or development server

  • Update ISLE Site: update your existing ISLE instance with improvements and security updates

ISLE releases monthly updates and posts Release Notes.

Traditional Islandora Installation Methods

  • Manual Server Installation: suitable for full installations of Islandora in a development or production environment. Aimed at users with some technical experience.
  • Manual Migration/Upgrade: suitable for existing Islandora installations, covering the migration or upgrade of each major component of an Islandora site: Drupal, Islandora Modules, and Fedora.
  • Virtual Machine (Test/Demo): suitable for new users who want explore or experiment with Islandora, requiring minimal time and set-up. Aimed at a general audience.

Release Notes and Downloads

Notes on known issues and improvements in the latest release and canonical links to download each module.

3rd Party Integrations


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