This documentation refers to an earlier version of Islandora. is current.

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This chapter is for those who wish to review Islandora’s functionality, or who wish to run a local version of Islandora as a Virtual Machine Image. This chapter assumes that you do not have a current running version of Islandora. If you are running an installation of Islandora, you do not need to review this section. If you want to install Islandora, please see Chapter 8 - Installing Islandora.

Accessing our Sandbox

The Islandora sandbox is an online installation of Islandora running the most recent code. Every night the site is refreshed and all content is deleted. Several people may access the installation at once. In order to maintain security, some options available to a Drupal administrator are deactivated. 

To access the Islandora Sandbox, visit and login using the following credentials:

username: admin

password: islandora

This is an account that will allow you to see Islandora from the perspective of a user who would add and administer repository content. If you want additional access to feature and the code base, you can install the Islandora Virtual Machine Image on your local computer. 

Installing the Islandora Virtual Machine

In order to install the Islandora Virtual Machine, you'll have to have administrative access to your computer. Because you are running another system within your operating system, your computer cannot be minimally resourced. While minimal requirements for the Virtual Machine are not clearly defined (much depends on how patient you are with a slow-running virtual machine) you should never have less than 4GB of RAM available. 

The latest Islandora Virtual Machine image can be obtained from

Installation instructions are available for Windows or Mac OSX, but these are somewhat outdated. 

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