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The KnowledgeBase is under development and has been made viewable to the user communities to allow for content contributions and feedback. Please post your content in the appropriate section and/or feedback in the comments section located at the bottom of each page.

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KnowledgeBase is a framework designed to help users become immediately productive with DuraSpace technologies.  The initial content focuses on how to set up and run a repository using either DSpace or Fedora.  The material contained here is not a duplication or replacement for the official software documentation, but a supplemental resource, including dynamic content delivered via the text guide, screencasts, webinar recordings, etc. KnowledgeBase is a collaboration among DuraSpace, the not-for-profit supporting DSpace and Fedora, developers, service providers and user communities. If you are interested in helping with KnowledgeBase or have feedback/questions, please contact Valorie Hollister at vhollister@duraspace.org.

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