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About the Hip Hop LP project

Cornell will produce descriptions natively in RDF for hundreds of uncataloged noncommercial LPs in its Hip Hop collection. This collection supports a growing body of international scholars and educators who study Hip Hop not only for its global influence on popular music, art and style, but also for its role in articulating social and political issues. As such, it offers a promising test bed for exploring the use of linked data techniques to extend the reach of descriptive metadata. This work will complement Stanford's LD4P work, in association with the Music Library Association (MLA) and other partners, to develop a Performed Music Ontology based on BIBFRAME.

Cornell Project Proposal

  • Natively created RDF descriptions of select items in Cornell's Hip Hop collection.
  • Evaluation of integration of natively created RDF descriptions with descriptions generated through conversion from MARC.
  • Evaluation and in-the-field testing of the VitroLib RDF cataloging tool.


Current Activities


  • Active participation in Rare Materials Ontology Extension group.
  • Defining cataloging and modeling requirements in consultation with collection curators, including how to model and describe related events (tours, performances); complex attributions (people working under multiple names); annotations; provenance; and other item-specific details such as signed and numbered copies.

Linked Data Creation

  • Creation of original RDF metadata for these items suspended in September due to delays in development of the VitroLib metadata editor.

Tool Exploration / Requirements Definition

  • Experimenting with updates to the VitroLib editing tool as they are released.
  • Creating a metadata application profile (MAP) to define implementation of relevant ontologies in the VitroLib editor and facilitate customization of alternative editors, enabling testing of different editing environments.


  • Providing input, chiefly through representation in the MLA, to the development of the Performed Music Ontology, which Cornell will eventually incorporate into its VitroLib editing tool.

Completed Work
  • Shared use cases with the Performed Music Ontology group.
  • Created workflow diagram showing infrastructure and data flows.

Tool Exploration / Requirements Definition

  • Held initial meetings with catalogers and VitroLib developers to come to shared understanding of cataloging functional requirements.

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