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Charge: The LD4P Profiles Working Group is charged with establishing best practices for how the Cohort will create, edit, and share profiles within a collaborative environment (Sinopia) and for storing and accessing these files in Github. These best practices are intended to facilitate and guide early profile editor use (from the initial release of the profile editor to approximately 3 months after the release of Sinopia for active use), not to serve as a formal standard or application profile for PCC or any other group. The Working Group will confer with those involved in training to highlight best practices, but will not be developing training itself. The Working Group should complete its work by April of 2019. If interest in profiles continues after the Working Group has completed its work, an Affinity Group may be formed to pursue relevant issues. The full charge is available here.

Primary Contact: 

Nancy Lorimer (Stanford University)

Working group email:


Nancy Lorimer - Chair

Crystal Clements (UW)Christine Eslao (Harvard)Jim Kalwara (CUBoulder)Tina Shrader (NLM)

Jennifer Baxmeyer (Princeton/PCC)

Ray Denenberg (LC)

Nancy Fallgren (NLM)Marc McGee (Harvard)Jodi Williamson (LC)

Ian Bigelow (UAlberta)

Joanna Dyla (Stanford)

Paul Frank (LC)Paloma Graciani Picardo (UTAustin)Michelle Futornick, ex officio

Judith Cannan (LC)

Chew Chiat Naun (Harvard)

Kirk Hess (LC)Mary Seem (Frick)

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