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Conference poster and paper presentations likely to be submitted by Yesterday (2011-06-01)


  • Attending institution updates
  • Maintenance release for 1.2


  • New feature / visualization examples?

Issue References

Concerns / Requests

  • Ability to weight search results for determining the position of results.
    • Is it related to the "customize listing of related role" emails from Eliza and Rebecca ?

Meeting Minutes


  1. Cornell maintenance build
    1. Vivo Cornell is using the maintenance build.
    2. It has no blockers.
    3. They are making a release
    4. VIVO 1.2 --> 1.2.1 to be available.
      1. No migration needed
      2. No ontology changes
      3. Realistically, just a patch
  2. Alex Viggio from Boulder CO.
    1. They are running a Faculty preview.
      1. Using a VPN for connection
      2. Pulled in data from a source
    2. They are running it as a beta
      1. Planning on being out by the end of the summer
    3. The system is from 1995 and built on Oracle
    4. Integrating a VIVO with RNS profiles.
  3. Anurag Shanker from IU
    1. Have come up with a strategy for Joomla
      1. A VIVO expansion with SPARQL queries
        1. Prepackaged queries
        2. A query builder
      2. Submitted a paper for a poster about semantic queries.


  1. Micah
    1. Showed Map of Science progress
    2. They are trying to improve the mapping percent
      1. Cornell and UF have a list of Journals in the map
    3. It is located in the trunk within Subversion
      1. Enabled by default
      2. May become a switch in 1.3 determined by stability


  1. VIVOHARV-68 (missing authorship tags)
    1. Corporate author labels missing first name and last name
    2. Should contact Stella Mitchell or Brian Lowe about Ontology
  2. VIVOHARV-69 (MODS Harvest VIVO error)
    1. Mike Barbieri will investigate
  3. VIVOFEED-926 (Index Rebuild not showing Results)
    1. There is a lock file in the Lucene index folder.
    2. Suspect the harvested data is missing the model listeners.


  1. VIVO 1.3 features a weighting of search results based on connections between individuals.
    1. rdfs:label, first name, and last name could be preferred fields in the ranking.

There will be a code freeze for 1.3 at the end of June, and a release near July 15th

Nick Skaggs gave an update about his recent trip to the NIH.

  • There is a person there trying to get an agency within NIH to begin using VIVO
  • There are ontological questions forthcoming

How to hide an individual? Currently only by removing them.

Sourceforge isn't showing some familiar buttons. To be investigated.