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  • Attending institution updates
    • Cornell:
      • Review draft release announcement


  • New feature / visualization examples?

Concerns / Requests

  • improvements to SPARQL query performance from vivo 1.2 to 1.3
  • Rebuilding Inferences
    • signal to determine whether it is finished.
    • Reindexing relation.

Meeting Minutes


  • Cornell:
    • review the draft release announcement
      • Is it an accurate representation of work
    • After freeze is only bugs but not features
      • Testing for each release is increased by ~ten fold
  • UF:
    • eliza has corrected and committed the d2rmap
    • reproducible harvest running
    • file harvester runs with a properly configured harvest
  • Cornell:
    • vivo 1.3 demo
      • Search relevance
        • Snipits of articles
      • user accounts self editor account.
      • Menu management edited through web interface
        • internal classes to get subgroup of the class within the institution
      • web of science
      • QR codes
      • Rebuild links from the admin page
      • menu page display speed improvements
  • The application uses SPARQL Behind the scenes.
    • Maybe different triple stores for future
    • arbitrary queries aren't going to be improved for 1.3
      • Suggestions to be eventually found on the wiki.
  • test 1.3 site
    • recompute inferences.
      • Grep the response
      • To be seen on jira.

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