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    1. Created the algorithm NameExtraCompare to compare first names.
	<!--FIRST NAME-->
	<Param name="algorithms">fname=org.vivoweb.harvester.score.algorithm.NameExtraCompare</Param>
	<Param name="weights">fname=0.20</Param>
	<Param name="inputJena-predicates">fname=</Param>
	<Param name="vivoJena-predicates">fname=</Param>

First initials that match score less than full first name matches.


B and Betty (score = 0.18)

Betty and Betty (score = 0.20)

2. Created the algorithm EqualityExtraTest to compare last names.

	<!--LAST NAME-->
	<Param name="algorithms">lname=org.vivoweb.harvester.score.algorithm.EqualityExtraTest</Param>
	<Param name="weights">lname=0.35</Param>
	<Param name="common-names">Lee,Kim,Li,Wang,Chen,Liu,Huang,Zhang,Yang,Friedman,Shah,Brown,Patel ... </Param>
	<Param name="inputJena-predicates">lname=</Param>
	<Param name="vivoJena-predicates">lname=</Param>

Profiles with common-names need to have full first name match or middle name match in order to pass the final match threshold.


Kenneth Lee and K. Lee (match = No)

Kenneth A. Lee and K. A. Lee (match = Yes)

Katherine Hajjar and K. Hajjar (match = Yes)

3. Working on a WCMC version of Added vivosolr as a module to Drupal, and ran the LinkedDataIndexer. Ongoing work.

  • Wisconsin

Special Topics

  • Hal Warren has sent an update from the Publish Trust Framework:
    • Current Status – October 2011 - the Publish Trust Framework is entering the OIX Implementation Phase. This initial deployment is centered on authors of articles published in the APA journal, Psychological Services. Data for this community of 1,600 authors is now searchable at The site is publicly searchable and does not require a log in, although one is available for participants in the VIVO network. As attributes are claimed, the status of the individual's VIVO page will change from "unverified" to "confirmed". Authors will claim attributes by creating an account online which is verified through a surface mail back method to confirm account holder identity.
    • Next Steps – Create trust relationship with Cornell University as a consumer of APA author attributes, using InCommon as the single-sign-on mechanism that allows attribute exchange and linking to APA resources from the account holder's Cornell VIVO profile. Consult with the Open Researcher Contributor ID (ORCID) developers to deploy a method of providing author attributes from APA to ORCID. Engage the SER author community through use of semantic data to strengthen the peer circle, facilitate the review of scientific works and provide added value through harvesting the latest publications based on community search.
  • Trip report from the FAO in Rome
  • Joint statement with euroCRIS on CERIF-VIVO collaboration
  • Annoying Sourceforge ads
  • With all the new course data going into VIVO at Florida, could the co-author and co-investigator visualizations in VIVO be adapted to show co-teaching, based on all the people that have taught any course during the range of dates they will have populated (2004-2011)?
  • Pulling VIVO data into Joomla (if Michael Grobe is available)

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Dial +1 (630) 869-1011
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