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Calls are held every Thursday at 1 pm eastern time (GMT–4 in daylight savings, GMT-5 standard time) – convert to your time at

View and edit this page permanently at, or use the temporal Google Doc for collaborative note taking during the call.

VIVO is hiring!

DuraSpace is seeking a dynamic and entrepreneurial Project Director for the open source VIVO project (, a world-wide community focused on creating software tools, ontologies, and services. The VIVO Project Director will have the opportunity to play a major role in a collaborative movement that will shape the future of research.

See full posting – applications are still being accepted, but this is likely the last call -- the sooner the better. Note that there is no requirement to be a U.S. citizen.

Release update –

We are ready for VIVO 1.6 Release Candidate 2 (right after this meeting). We will notify the list later this afternoon, and then start next round of acceptance testing. Kudos to Holly and other testers for finding 200+ issues to look into with around 4 blockers remaining. All issues start as blockers and then are reviewed and downgraded as appropriate. Historically major VIVO releases have had 3 to 6 release candidates.

Current blocker issues

Join the release test mailing list if you wish to be informed of release candidates, plus the final distribution -- and we’d love to have help testing -- subscribe here:

Apps and Tools Group

Challenging getting folks to present. If you are willing to give a short demo of your work or discuss one of your ideas, contact Chris Barnes.

Upcoming Events

  • VivoCamp pre-conference at SWIB13 conference, November 25-27 in Hamburg 
    • short presentations and demos on a number of topics by a couple of experienced people, followed by discussion, Q&A, panels etc.
    • Organized by Valeria Pesce, Lambert Heller, and Lukas Koster
    • John Fereira from the U.S. will be attending
  • Duke will be hosting the 2014 VIVO Implementation Fest from March 19-21 – reserve your hotel room today and stay tuned for more information in coming weeks. The special room rate will be available until February 17th or until the group block is sold-out, whichever comes first.


  • Brown (Ted)

    • preparing for internal launch week of Nov. 18 and public launch in mid December.

    • explored (briefly) the ORCID data dump a bit to see if we can add ORCID ids for some researchers.  Alf Eaton processed the data dump to ORCID, DOI pairs.  

    • found John Fereira’s Fuseki 1.0 build for SDB/VIVO.  Thanks to John for building this.  We are using it and had problems with database connections timing out with the previous release of Fuseki.   

  • Colorado (Stephen and Alex)

    • Wrapped up initial 2013 publications curation for 1200+ faculty in Symplectic Elements, with data presented to faculty in in-house annual reporting web app -- planning to push this to VIVO CU-Boulder in 2014

    • Starting curation of historical (pre-2013) publications

    • Restarting 1.6 effort (upgrade/testing) - ready for RC2

    • Have begun investigating d3.js again, have built a basic heatmap based on InfoEd SPIN terms selected by employees in a department.  Looking into building force-diagrams and chord diagrams all based on terms selected by an employee.

  • Cornell (Jim, Brian, Huda, Tim)

  • Duke (Richard and Patrick)

    • Focused on building artistic works functionality using the same home-grown tool they are using for other faculty inputs, as opposed to Elements or VIVO’s CRUD UI. Decision to not use VIVO was to keep “system of record” data in a relational DB.

  • EPA (Zac)

    • No VIVO updates today

  • Memorial (John)

    • Working primarily on planning this week. Have been working through and finalizing our Knowledge Mobilization ontology and User Experiences so we can start working towards finalizing these in our development build.

    • Institutional release date for Spring 2014 planned. Planning to go live and make it public after a month or two.

    • Some infrastructure work, have a new development server set up running 1.6.

  • Scripps (Michaeleen)

    • Provided web addresses for President’s Office -- was able to pull these from VIVO as DOI URLs and respond within minutes. Good outreach.

    • Retrospective quality assurance project in December planned. Contract worker will do the work. Going to be “low tech”, using CVs to match against record of publications.

    • Looking for a total number of public VIVO instances in production vs instances behind campus firewalls, but with significant data. Stephen was going to check on VIVO wiki for a list that Kristi had been maintaining. Might also consider other sites producing VIVO RDF? Also see

  • Weill Cornell (Paul)

    • We (Eliza) got source-specific graphs to work! Thanks Jim!

    • We bring in data on a daily basis so re-inferencing at the end of the week doesn’t cut it. Considering a Harvester-based strategy for inferencing upon ingest a la Duke; wait until 1.6? This should improve performance and search results. Stephen wonders if APIs in 1.6 would accommodate this, and is planning to look into this.

    • Custom display of citations on person profile pages almost complete. This was demonstrated at a previous meeting by Eliza.

Notable list traffic

See the vivo-dev-all archive and vivo-imp-issues archive for complete email threads

Meta Question:

Q: (Paul) Do we have a process to capture knowledge from mailing list discussions in the wiki?

A: No -- but this is a good idea!

SPARQL Query for paper title

  • Thanks Ted for responding and resolving this query!

vivo 1.6 ontology - educationalTraining

Call-in Information

  • Date: Every Thursday, no end date
  • Time: 1:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)
  • Meeting Number: 641 825 891

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