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This task force has completed its work. If you have questions about the work of this task force, please contact a task force member. Thanks!


The VIVO Implementation Fest (I-Fest) is an annual event that provides an informal setting for new and prospective adopters of VIVO to mingle and work in an informal setting with long-term VIVO community members.  Four annual I-Fests have been held to date, with the timing intentionally about 5-6 months ahead of the Conference to not compete for attendance.  The I-Fest has a strong flavor of a community-driven event where vendors are allowed to attend but don’t sponsor or give demos except within the context of informal discussion.  

The first two I-Fests were focused on communicating knowledge about VIVO through presentations, while more recently the mix has shifted to become more interactive, with open discussion and work sessions that allow community members with experience to help answer the questions of those new to the community.  A major goal is to build the confidence and inter-personal networks of newcomers and to highlight the contributions in code, ontology, documentation, and effort by those attendees who come with experience to share.


  • Given the short time frame until the event, work together to address all the planning needs without over-burdening any single person -- especially not our hosts.
  • Identify a facilitator to call meetings and be the point person for local arrangements -- Nicole Vasilevsky
  • Update the VIVO wiki page(s) to reflect any changes to transportation/hotel/restaurant information
  • Confirm that appropriate rooms, networking, any refreshments, A/V, etc. will be in place
  • Transfer registrations from SurveyMonkey and update the registration spreadsheet nightly; send acknowledgement emails; prepare nametags
  • Confirm that the 4 themes (ontology, integration, visualization, and end-to-end) have facilitators, descriptions, and a time frame/room assignment
  • Delegate further organization of presentations/instruction and ideas of hands-on topics to each facilitator with instructions on how and when to report back
  • Coordinate the opening plenary to provide suitable opening welcome and orientation
  • Coordinate a closing event for the end of Tuesday
  • Collect suggestions for working meetings scheduled for Wednesday and identify facilitators
  • Develop and distribute timely communications for prospective attendees and registrants
  • Arrange for photos to be taken at the event; set up a Google Docs area for interactive multi-participant note taking; determine how these notes, photos, and other outcomes can be made available to people who could not attend
  • Develop an event evaluation survey and circulate during the I-Fest


  • Wiki documentation suitable for attendees leading up to the event and showing notes, photos, and outcomes afterwards

  • A successful I-Fest, documented via an attendee evaluation survey

  • Lots of ideas about how to continue a higher level of community engagement

2015-02-17 4th planning meeting -- confirm schedule, review attendee count, confirm logistics

2015-03-03 Final planning meeting

Suggested schedule


Identify core planning team; hold first meeting 2014-12-12
Second planning meeting 2015-01-16
Blog post, wiki page, and registration survey posted 2015-01-16 - 2015-02-02
Solicit members from the community1 week2015-01-29

Third planning meeting



Develop charter and open for review

1 week


Fourth planning meeting -- confirm schedule, review attendee count, confirm logistics



Hold fourth planning meeting  
Final planning meeting 2015-03-03



Melissa Haendel, OHSU - task force lead

Nicole  Vasilevsky, OHSU - facilitator

Michael Conlon, UF – member

Violeta Ilik - Northwestern University - member

Jon Corson-Rikert, Cornell - member

Don Elsborg, University of Colorado, Boulder - member

Eric Garbin, University of New Mexico - member

Layne Johnson, DuraSpace & VIVO - ex-officio member

Paul Thompson, Dartmouth - member

Julia Trimmer, Duke - member

Alex Viggio, Symplectic - member

Meeting Times

Dates listed above in suggested schedule. 3:00-4:00 pm, Eastern. 

Toll-Free Access Number:

Participant Code:

Communication Channels

  • Solicit participation from community via appropriate mailing list(s)

  • Announce task force creation and progress on relevant Working Group calls.

  • Create a page in the VIVO wiki (, with child pages for agenda, notes, and additional information

  • Use vivo-2015i-fest at mailing lists

  • Google Docs Folder - repository for notes, registrants, and I-Fest related artifacts

Agendas and Notes

  • Solicit agenda items from task force members 3 days before meeting

  • Prepare agenda and distribute no less than 24 hours before meeting