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  • Review, next steps

Discussion items

25 minRefinement of recommendations regarding email and forumJim, all
25 minFinishing the work of the task forceAll
10 minNext meetingAll


  1. Jim presented some thoughts on sourceforge, email, email archives and forum software.
    1. The materials in sourceforge are mostly moveable.  Some are obsolete and can be taken down without loss of function.  Others would need to be moved.
    2. Email could move to Google Groups, but there is no clear path for the mail archives.  Nabble provides a possible solution for the mail archives.
    3. Discourse appears to be a leading candidate for forum software.  Open source with a reasonable hosting option.  Active project.  Good uptake.  Simple interface.
    4. Possible that email could be used for digests, overviews, mass market type communication and forum software used for more in depth conversation.  Similar to the distinction between the web site (lightweight use) and the wiki (more in depth use).
  2. Mike discussed a way forward for the task force to finish it's work
    1. Draft recommendations available here:
    2. Task force members review, revise, comment
    3. Comments incorporated and an improved version available for discussion for our next meeting June 1
    4. Document revised based on our meeting of June 3
    5. Document shared with community between June 6 and June 13.  Mike will be at Open repositories and unavailable for a call on June 10.
    6. Task force incorporates and prepares "final" report for June 17 meeting.
    7. Report presented to Steering Group for their meeting on June 19.
    8. Task force work is concluded.  If we were all in one place, we would have a beer or other beverage to celebrate

Action items

  • All task force members review draft document, add comments, revisions in preparation for discussion