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Friday July 21, 2017, 2 PM EST


Steering Group Members

Mark NewtonDean B. KrafftJulia Trimmer,  Kristi Holmes,   Eric Meeks,   Alex ViggioPaul Albert (star)

(star)= note taker

Ex officio

Graham TriggsMike Conlondebra hanken kurtz


Alex ViggioAndi OgierBart Ragon, Mark Fallu, Melissa Haendel


Friday WebEx 


1Review Agenda2 minAll
2Updates5 minAllSee below
3V 1.10 update10 minGrahamRDF 1.1, TPF, ORCiD 2.0, Beta Bootstrap theme.
4OR updates10 minMikeTom Cramer (see Emerging Verticals), Mark Fallu. Emphasizing/ capitalizing on connected graph of scholarship. De-emphasizing profiles. Research Graph opportunity.
5Conference updates10 minAlexPrep good, attendance down? (165 → 145 → 129+). Will have net revenue. Ideas for 2018.
6Round table20 minAllWhat's happening of interest to us?
7Future topics3 minAll


  1. Steering Group nominations/elections.  See 2017 Procedure for Steering Group Elections.  Dean, Kristi, Melissa terms are ending.  No term limits.
    1. Mike has been receiving nominations.
  2. Membership and support
    1. One or more sites planning to join as members 
    2. One or more sites considering increasing their membership level
    3. Melbourne will not renew their VIVO platinum membership.
  3. TIB workshop  September 28, Hannover, Germany.
    1. Mike: looking forward to learning who has a VIVO project in Germany. One-day event
  4. InfLibNet workshop, Gandhinagar, India, Aug 16-18
    1. Ticketed event. Three days. Looking to increase adoption.
  5. Task force updates
    1. Ontology improvement – gathering committers, developing update process, building an ontology file
    2. Internationalization – list of issues to address in Jira, organize repositories to simplify finding and building internationalized versions
      1. Wrote a script to find stray English in the templates, show calling tree – what templates use which other templates
  6. 1.10 update
    1. Working on ORCID API to 2.0. Current ORCiD API will be decommissioned at the end of the year.
    2. It should be relatively straightforward to backport the API update to 1.9.
  7. Open Repositories
    1. Mike spoke to Tom Cramer. Stanford will be creating a VIVO instance, branded as "Rialto". See Emerging Verticals.
    2. Congrats on having Stanford. Is there an opportunity to do a co-presentation like at CNI? Fantastic idea - especially if they could share the analysis they did.
    3. Tom has a lot of good insight the graph of connected data regarding scholarship produced by VIVO
  8. Conference Updates
    1. Registration picking up
    2. Look to be above break even
  9. Roundtable
    1. Cornell is working to simplify the creation of custom forms in Vitro for its VitroLib editor; hoping to fold this back into the core of the Vitro system. Will turn this into a production tool for libraries. Scholars@Cornell will be live at the end of the month.
    2. UCSF is trying to put together a version of Profiles that has all the UC medical schools (n=5) in it. We're seeing more and more pragmatic use cases for integrating researcher networking sites.

 Action Items

  • Mike Conlon will follow up with some sites to see how their implementations are going



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