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Friday August 18, 2017, 2 PM EST


Steering Group Members

 Dean B. KrafftJulia Trimmer,  Andi Ogier,  Lauren GalaEric Meeks,  Alex ViggioPaul Albert (star)

(star)= note taker

Ex officio

Graham TriggsMike Conlondebra hanken kurtz


Mark Fallu, Dong Joon (DJ) LeeMark NewtonBart Ragon


Friday WebEx 


1Review Agenda2 minAll
2Updates5 minAllSee below
3Welcome new members10 minAll

Lauren Gala, Dong Joon (DJ) Lee elected. Dean re-elected.

4NYC Update15 minAllSymplectic. Conference. Strategy – position in ecosystem – graph of scholarship – publication management – reporting and evaluation
5Steering group issues15 minMike

Membership in this group: 1) required attendance 2) when membership lapses; 3) 2 of 11 seats are community. Perhaps it should be three.

Forming an agenda for this meeting

Facilitators for agenda items "I would like to be on the agenda to lead a discussion of ..."

Use of the list between meetings

6Duraspace Code of Conduct5 minDebraSee
7VIVO 1.10 requires data changes5 minMike

VIVO 1.10 requires existing data to be upgraded – data must be unloaded, the system upgraded, and then reloaded. This is required to support RDF 1.1 and Jena 3. All literal values will have datatypes.

Is this commonly known?

Has testing been adequate?

Do sites know if ingest software and/or data reuse will break?

By Semantic Versioning this is a 2.0?

Is the community ready, if not, how do we get ready?

8Future issues3 minAll

Licensing and copyright notices on project materials – code, documentation, data, ontologies

VIVO and the FAIR data principles

Supporting previous versions, including dot releases of previous versions to provide ORCID 2.0 API support, for example.


  1. Congratulation to the organizing committee and to Weill
    1. Attendance up from previous year: 146 → 158
    2. Finances look very good
    3. Survey underway – please respond
    4. Next year, June 6-8 in Durham at the JB Duke Hotel
  2. Ontology group making progress – Anna K from TIB, Javed from Cornell, Marijane White from OHSU, Mike, Violeta Ilik from Stony Brook
  3. InflibNet presentation
  4. Upcoming meetings.  Please update Conferences Attended and to Attend
    1. Copenhagen
    2. RDA
    3. Force 11
  5. Symplectic Elements will no longer be a corporate sponsor of the VIVO Project.  They are examining other ways to support the effort.
  6. Marketing next VIVO Conference
    1. I thought the best talk was Duke's marketing their VIVO. All are welcome, and they need to know that.
    2. Maybe make the name of the conference of the "VIVO Researcher Profiling Software Conference." 
    3. Maybe we need a theme: "VIVO 2017... all are welcome." 
    4. We don't want people to think they have to be running VIVO. We certainly want non-profile applications.
    5. Eagle-I should be there. We want Pure. We want BePress.
    6. We have lost a bit of focus since the grant, but the market has grown.
    7. We need a brainstorming session with the goal of creating a theme. 
      1. Maybe include Carol, Michele, Erin Tripp
    8. It needs to be the right conference for all those people
    9. Communities:
      1. Institutional data management
      2. VIVO / other public-facing profile management software
      3. Repurposing structured data
    10. I would reach out to Elsevier / BePress to ask, "What would you want this conference be to be more attractive?"
    11. Any interest from AAUDE? The institutional research people tend to be interested in this. They came to JB Duke in 2016.
  7. Steering Group practices – ideas to improve participation and engagement
    1. You should attend to remain on the Steering Committee. Maybe there should be some threshold.
    2. What do we do if an organization's membership lapses? How about they are up for replacement at the next election cycle unless they have some special area of expertise.
    3. Right now, there are 9 seats elected by leadership and 2 by the community. Would like to consider having 3 coming from the community.
  8. Duraspace code of conduct
    1. Final draft is available.  Please review.  Perhaps we can adopt next time.
  9. Version 1.10 upgrade requirements
    1. Version 1.10 requires the use of new tools to perform an upgrade on each triple store to support Jena 3 and RDF 1.1.
    2. Are site aware of this requirement?
    3. Have the tools been tested?

 Action Items

  • Steering Group members to comment on proposals regarding Steering Group practices – attendance, membership lapses, balance of leadership v. community elected seats on Steering.
  • Steering Group members to review final draft of Duraspace code of conduct
  • Steering Group members to review 1.10 upgrade requirements for discussion next time
  • Conference team to brainstorm theme for 2018 to open conference to wider participation



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