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Friday September 1, 2017, 2 PM EST


Steering Group Members

Dean B. KrafftJulia Trimmer,  Andi Ogier,  Lauren GalaEric Meeks,  Alex ViggioDong Joon (DJ) LeeMark Newton

(star)= note taker

Ex officio

Graham TriggsMike Conlon (star)debra hanken kurtzAndrew Woods


Mark Fallu,  Bart RagonPaul Albert


Friday WebEx 


1Review Agenda2 minAll
2Updates5 minAllSee below
3Welcome new member5 minAll
4Steering group practices20 minMike

Membership in this group: 1) required attendance; 2) when membership lapses; 3) 2 of 11 seats are community. Perhaps it should be three. See draft proposals below.

5Duraspace Code of Conduct5 minDebraProposal to approve the Duraspace code of conduct for VIVO. See
6VIVO Support15 minDebra
7VIVO 1.10 requires data changes20 minMike

VIVO 1.10 requires existing data to be upgraded – data must be unloaded, the system upgraded, and then reloaded. This is required to support RDF 1.1 and Jena 3. All literal values will have datatypes.

Is this commonly known?

Has testing been adequate?

Do sites know if ingest software and/or data reuse will break?

By Semantic Versioning this is a 2.0?

Is the community ready, if not, how do we get ready?

8Future issues3 minAll

Licensing and copyright notices on project materials – code, documentation, data, ontologies

VIVO and the FAIR data principles

Supporting previous versions, including dot releases of previous versions to provide ORCID 2.0 API support, for example.


  1. Updates
    1. Mike will be at DTU in Copenhagen September 14 at a VIVO workshop presenting on VIVO for visualization and data analysis.
    2. Outreach meeting on September 7 will focus on participation
    3. VIVO Camp Nov 9-11 in Durham.  Please promote!  Link is here:  We have two registrants already.
    4. VIVO Meeting at RDA in Montreal – Mike Conlon organizing
    5. Duraspace meeting to consider Research Graph opportunity.
    6. Next meeting – Sept 15.  Mike will be out.
    7. Attendees at the conference from organizations new to VIVO

      Aalborg Universitet København - AAU CPH
      Adelphi University
      Index Data
      National Institute for Materials Science
      NYC Mayor's Office of Data Analytics
      Pratt Institute
      St. Edward's University
      XEN Partners
  2. Steering Committee proposals
    1. Approved proposals will be gathered in a public Steering Group Policy wiki page.
    2. Attendance of Steering Group Members at Steering Group meetings is expected.  Steering Group members who are unable to attend meetings are expected to notify the chair prior to the meeting.  Steering Group Members who fail to attend at least one of four consecutive meetings may be replaced as determined by majority vote of the other Steering Group Members.  Replacement will be done by special election according to the nature of the seat occupied by the member to be replaced (Leadership or Community).  This policy takes effect with the September 15, 2017 meeting.  Adopted unanimously following discussion.
    3. Steering Group members in seats elected by Leadership are expected to be from member institutions of Duraspace.  Steering Group members elected by Leadership whose institution fails to renew their membership are subject to replacement by majority vote of the Steering Group. Replacement will be done by special election according to the nature of the seat occupied by the member to be replaced (Leadership or Community).  This policy takes effect with the September 15, 2017 meeting.  Adopted unimously following discussion.
    4. The Steering Group proposes to Leadership that the current allocation of seats to the 11 member Steering Group be changed from 2 community elected seats and 9 seats elected by Leadership to 3 community elected seats and 8 seats elected by Leadership.  The change to the charter would take effect upon the next opening to the Steering Group.  We recognize that this change involves a change of the charter and we recommend that the leadership group make this change.  Adopted unanimously following discussion.
    5. Discussion of the Duraspace Code of Conduct.  Fedora has a sub committee for dealing with incidents.  VIVO might prefer not to have a sub committee at this time.  If there was a report, it would be forwarded to Mike Conlon and to Steering. Behavior could be discussed here.  Duraspace will review each year.  Adopted unanimously by Steering.
  3. VIVO Support – Debra
    1. Duraspace is making changes to improve support.  Work collaboratively across projects.  Particular interest in the Fedora community.
    2. Andrew will be on a listening tour with the VIVO community and lend experience to strengthen the VIVO technical community.
    3. Alternating sprints across projects.  Redundancy of knowledge across projects while getting development done.
    4. Andrew – whatever we can do to help VIVO achieve its community goals.
    5. VIVO budget will see some relief.
    6. Good to see Andrew and David at the conference.  Great Duraspace turnout at the conference.  Michelli Minielli, and Debra.
    7. Glad to hear about collaboration between Fedora and VIVO.
    8. Challenging to be heads down in the code and managing the development of the technical community.  A little separation can help.  Duraspace providing coordination within and across projects.
    9. Involvement in 1.10 – will take some time to make changes across teams.  Debra will make sure things move forward.  Should be able to present a roadmap at the next meeting.
  4. VIVO 1.10
    1. Have not had a chance to look at 1.10.
    2. Person doing the upgrade did not know about the triple store upgrade.
    3. Some effects are subtle.  Some round tripping may fail as RDF 1.1 does not explicitly output string datatypes.
    4. Have a deadline for feedback
    5. Consider a sprint type format where sites can participate in 1.10 examination and testing.

 Action Items

  • Mike Conlon will post approved proposals to the wiki
  • Mike Conlon will forward proposal regarding charter to Leadership



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