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  • Christian Hauschke (TIB)
  • Tatiana Walther (TIB)
  • Martin Barber (TIB)
  • Anna Kasprzik (TIB)
  • Vitali Peil (UB Bielefeld)
  • Violeta Ilik (StonyBrook)
  • Huda Khan (Cornell)

Topics (ideas)

  • Advanced role management  in VIVO (Christian)

  • The ability to create more specific roles in VIVO (for example dedicated publication editors) is an often expressed desire. We'd like to build a GUI for what's already possible on file level. We are unsure about some design issues. Maybe something to talk about?
  • A reporting tool for VIVO? (Christian)
  • in idea stadium only
  • Lookup services (Tatiana)
  • Extension of the authority sources for wider range of concepts and also entities of the following types: conferences, persons, locations, languages. What else can and should we look up in other services? How can we make the UI extendable and configurable via the GUI, so that each time when adding an external source, we must not modify any core code?

Comments / This and that

Role Management:

  • Contact Duke University regarding their work on this issue
  • VIVO system:  seen as part of CRIS (one part of a modular CRIS)
  • VIVO Workshop (German) with 40 participants
  • People don't really communicate about what they're doing with VIVO
  • Decentralized structure of science in Germany (federal states)
  • Federal structure in Germany, state-based,  centralized system
  • At the German VIVO workshop in September 2017, asked for desires and wishes for VIVO
  • Advanced role management -roles: editors only for publications
  • Some parts of VIVO should be invisible 
  • Christian etc. has started some of this work
  • Violeta: Duke can help you with that
  • VIVO: seen as option in addition to other reporting/administration tools
  • Way of managing information and display
  • Wish: Say this is a validated publication - and can count for reporting
  • Christian: How do you get publications: 
  • Doing it with open refine
  • Data coming in from excel sheets
  • Violeta: why not just getting publications from Web of Science
  • A lot of publications are not in WOS (from TIB -university is a user of another reporting/administration tool), WoS' scope is mostly English 
  • ReCITER/Dartmouth:
  • suggestions for publication
  • Include suggestion algorithm
  • Someone who is able to supervise publications because they will all end up in reporting
  • If reporting, very serious about what actually gets into the list
  • Is this an article or editorial? Validate publications
  • Role management 
  • Any new roles/granular things: Through N3 files but not through the UI
  • TIB team has worked on UI mockups and deveopment for incorporating additional roles/permissions (non-default)
  • Ontology editor: Where you can set rights/roles for display, publishing, etc. for a particular property
  • Usability engineer at TIB who was visiting last Friday - talked about possible solutions
  • Perhaps make a table with checkboxes - all the roles, with default settings (self-editor/curator) and the other roles that are created/added 
  • When you set up a new VIVO and you have to set roles, if you have to use drop-downs, that would take too long and checkboxes are faster (i.e for settings roles/permissions for display/publishing for a particular property)
  • Perhaps add role management to the site admin list (under site configuration)
  • Discussion regarding who should be able to see role management: Violeta suggests everyone else above self-editor should be able to see 
  • Page management: almost missed it but there is a way to define who can see the page
  • "Curator and above": phrases like this are used  where roles are defined.  Not hierarchical but based on what is in the file system.  Considering handling the defaults separately from the additional roles, etc.
  • (The TIB page where these designs/options are defined will be translated from German and shared on the VIVO email list later)
  • Christian: How do roles work?
  • For a particular property group, this is an editor for this property group
  • There is a change log: Every change (too detailed) but not who changed it (not enough 
  • Data validator would be notified by nightly service: there are some changes
  • So the person doesn't have to dig in the code to find the changes
  • So there are notifications
  • (these should be in the report that Christian sent a reply to)

Perhaps these issues could be integrated in the roadmap task list proposed
Multiple roles for VIVO in Germany

  • Some institutions want to make profiles
  • Some institutions want to do everything that other reporting/administration systems do and perhaps even more:
  • System that integrates data sources in campus/institutions (publications, patents)
  • Integrate them and generate reports
  • Hit a button and the complete report: who wrote how many publications, collaborators, where publications cited, peer-reviewed? part of grant? how many publications stem from a grant?
  • Reporting requirements exist in various ways: if we financed you, we want you to tell us where these things are
  • SPARQL queries: sure they're great, if you know how to write SPARQL queries
  • KOHA: New Zealand: has many features that appear to be desirable
  • Q: Number of researchers with X publications
  • SPARQL: import/export -run every month and report/export (e.g. download this as CSV) - have a result of query (table with numbers) - want to be able to show us as different diagrams (pie chart, histograms) - download as CSV or Excel
  • Interface for query generation and administration 
  • Reporting/administration highly voted
  • Three highest voted roles: role management, data integration (de-duplication), and reporting)
  • Huda: Suggest stating the needs/use cases for VIVO for reporting/administration and gauge interest/possible collaboration with other VIVO community members
  • The proposal for role management should be translated and made open for other VIVO users and committers -> Christian (it's here)
  • Violeta: Use of SCOPUS/ORCID in data as means of identifying who the people are and being able to connect publications
  • Christian: Depends on how clean the data is 

Lookup service

  • Tatiana: Lookup services: extend authority lookup (organization, persons)
  • Organizations, events, places, languages
  • Lookup services in VIVO, VitroLib and discussion of need for configuration
  • More mockups!! (Martin has mockups)
  • Could build an an interface where you could actually select/pick vocab sources and edit the query being sent to the service
  • Licensed under CC0, have RDF Data Dump
  • union catalog contains the journal database -pretty fast
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