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This task force has completed its work. The new VIVO web site was launched on Thursday, November 19, 2015

Context is the public-facing, Drupal-based, Duraspace hosted, web site for the VIVO project.  It is currently (as of  ) being remodeled and moved from Cornell hosting to Duraspace hosting.

The site serves as the primary URL for those new to VIVO.  Other sites – GitHub for development and the wiki for community participation – provide platforms optimized for other activities.  These sites will be reachable from the new site.  The new site will be focused on adoption of VIVO – the value proposition and the tag line "Connect, Share, Discover."

Some history – the original site was developed in 2009 for the NIH grant.  It was focused on grant work and the development of VIVO as a community.  Over the course of its run as the VIVO web site, there was considerable discussions regarding the role of the site.  In the end, various functions moved to platforms for conducive for their work.  Community work has moved to the wiki.  Development work is focused in Git Hub. Marketing to potential new sites will remain at the web site. The web site will contain links to these other VIVO resources.  Lastly, over time, it should be note that the original site contained an increasing fraction of obsolete material and broken links.  Valuable material is being preserved in the wiki as archives.  Valuable functionality such as the blog and events lists are being migrated to the new site.


  1. Focus on adopters and the "Why VIVO?" message (marketing).
    1. Content on the site must be accurate and up to date.
    2. Content must be consistent – focused on the main themes and designed to generate desire to investigate VIVO further and to potentially adopt VIVO as an enterprise solution for representing scholarship and sharing open data regarding scholarship.
    3. Much of the content will be organized into streams – events, blog – for easy reposting and consumption in other formats – social media, email.
    4. As a result of the focus on "Why VIVO"  the total amount of content will be significantly reduced.  This will  lower the effort required for maintenance, strengthen the site through consistency and timeliness, and reduce the burden on the project to maintain the site.
  2. Create a modern look.  More like Twitter Bootstrap (see  Visitors should be left with the impression that VIVO is active and modern.  The look must reflect these ideas.
  3. Create a responsive/mobile-first site.  VIVO must be perceived as current.
  4. Retire the existing site.  


  • A new providing a simple, modern message and appearance
  • Maintenance procedures for keeping content up to date
  • Recommendation for evaluation of the web site and on-going modification of design and content as needed

DRAFT Schedule

The work will be coordinated through the Duraspace "webpod" team.  VIVO community members will write content and assist with graphics and video as needed.


Task TimelineStatus

Review charter, new site mock-up, task list

1 week

Week of June 15

In progress. See DWP JIRA for list of issues

25% complete

1 week

Week of June 22


50% complete

1 week

Week of June 29


75% complete

1 week

Week of July 6


100% complete; Acceptance tests, Launch plan

1 week

Week of July 13

Launch1 weekWeek of July 20 



Mike Conlon

Carol Minton Morris

Sue Gleason

Paul Friedman

Others are engaged as needed.  If you'd like to help, please contact Mike Conlon

Meeting Times

Webpod meets Thursday mornings at 11 AM Eastern USA.

Communication Channels

  • The wiki will contain progress information as will the weekly VIVO Updates emails

  • The launch of the site will be a PR event engaging all VIVO communication channels
  • The team meets irregularly – sometimes via Webpod meetings, sometimes one on one, sometimes just by email

  • Mike Conlon briefs the Steering Group as needed

Progress Reports

  • Progress reports will appear below.

August 6

The new web site is nearly complete.  Due to the conference and Mike's availabilty, we hope to launch the week of August 24.  There are eight open issues.