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Populate and Use your VIVO

This page is a catalog of known applications, and tools that are provided and maintained by members of the VIVO community through open source projects, to support/enhance your VIVO implementation. You are encouraged participate in these projects. If you are working on an open source application or tool, and you wish to share it with the community, you are encourtaged to add it here.

The Apps and Tools Interest Group meets regularly to discuss tools and projects of interest to the VIVO community.  If you are interested in Apps and Tools, please join their calls.

Add Your Project

If you have a VIVO related project that you wish to share with the community, you can create a project page for it on this Wiki, and it will be automatically included in this table, providing it has the following:

1) The label "vivocommproj"

2) The page properties (a page properties macro containing a table) - Description, Type, Status, Owner, Team, License, Language, and Location.

There is a page template that provides this for you. When creating a page, simply choose "VIVO Community Project Page" as the template, and the wiki will give you the basic structure of a project page.

In Case of Problems

If there are any problems with the contents of this list, or you require any assistance in creating a project page, please contact Mike Conlon, or email the VIVO tech mailing list.

Project Catalog

Add a project to the catalog

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