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  • Weill Cornell – 1) Continue to ingest profile data and publications to the new Linux VM; 2) Working on launching Fuseki ... ClassNotFoundException: net.rootdev.fusekisdbconnect.SDBConnect ??? Where to get the jar file?
  • North Texas –
  • Johns Hopkins –
  • Indiana –
  • Florida –
  • Duke –
  • Cornell –
  • Brown –
  • others

Demo if indirect screen sharing cooperates

Nicholas Skaggs, formerly of UF and noted Harvester developer, is hoping to be able to do a demonstration of installing VIVO and related tools using juju – see Development Call 20120524 notes for details

Discussion of web services for the new VIVO RDF API

We in the home stretch for the VIVO 1.5 code freeze in mid-June and want to discuss the RDF API with Harvester developers. In addition to freeing VIVO to connect to triple stores other than Jena's SDB, this new RDF API is designed to make it possible to read and write RDF through SPARQL queries, and to do so in ways that will trigger search indexing and recompute inferences as necessary. This will bring VIVO and the Harvester that much closer together and help avoid some of the pitfalls of loading data via the Harvester and not seeing it until the search index has been regenerated.

The goal of this discussion is to discuss general requirements, the features of the new API, and specifications for a web service to call the API from the Harvester or other applications.

Notable Development List Traffic

  • Search interface using FunnelBack on the University of Melbourne Find an Expert system
  • More discussion about Add/Remove RDF data, especially with large batches of data
  • A software developer job on the VIVO team at the University of Colorado - job link

Reminder: new site for networking about VIVO implementations and related tools

Vince set up a VIVO site on Amazon to serve as a demo and a place to put information about VIVO exploration and implementation efforts (as well as production sites). We will provide log in information on the call and encourage all sites to put information about the version of VIVO they are running, the people involved, and additional tools used.

Feedback is welcome on what else could be added – e.g., skills, data sources, needs, job descriptions

Items for next week


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