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Calls are held every Thursday at 1 pm eastern daylight time (GMT-5) – convert to your time at

Please add additional agenda items or updates – we always welcome suggestions


  • Weill Cornell – 1) Thanks to the help from Rene. Digital Vita is now working. 2) Map of Science has trouble loading, possibly related to the number of publications? Possible to switch off some features for it to load more quickly? 3) Entry of publication titles with special characters. Anyone given it a try? 4) Thanks to Jim's tips on switching off "Create account" for successful Shibboleth log in but with no profile. Would it be even better if a new profile were created automatically for someone who successfully logged in but with no initial profile.
  • NYU
  • Penn
  • Johns Hopkins
  • Florida
  • Duke
  • Colorado
  • any others on the call

Release 1.5

  • John Mark Ockerbloom at Penn confirmed that searching for names with embedded capital letters (e.g., FitzGerald) works and documented how to boost search results by class, as for example to ensure that people show up before other types of entities
  • Tammy at Stony Brook found and liked the new Manage your publications link for users, and the same functionality is available for grants
  • Issues so far to included in a VIVO 1.5.1 maintenance update
    • Vitro installation guide
    • new data property default list view files are in the VIVO productMod but not Vitro
    • please notify us of other bugs and/or omissions and confusing or missing documentation
      • need to make instructions for adding HTML menu pages clearer – if the desired HTML is in the custom template already, there's no need to put HTML into the page management form, but the field is required to be non-empty on the form. This will be fixed in 1.5.1, but for now it would work to just put a tag into the form to make the validation work

Conference planning

  • Schedule to be published July 30
  • Send proposals for BOF sessions to Simon Porter, Kristi Holmes, or Alicia Turner
  • Seeking session moderators
  • Will be asking all implementing sites to prepare a simple poster using (optionally) a provided template to minimize the work required – emphasizing that these do not have to represent completed work or public production VIVO instances. There will be a lot of interest at the conference in seeing the full range of VIVO projects, no matter how new and exploratory.

Notable Development List Traffic

  • VIVO with Fuseki SPARQL endpoint – Vince sent a link to the full Fuseki package with all of the jars and files that are required. If this tar file is extracted to a location, it has a service script and shell script for starting it automatically.
  • Eliza updated the documentation page for implementing the Digital Vita web service for generating CVs and biosketches from VIVO
  • Jim Blake investigated Using a Tomcat Realm for external authentication for VIVO
  • Eliza created NIHVIVO-3916 to address issues with displaying publications with unusual characters
  • Alex has asked about anyone's experience with storing RDF in Cassandra?
  • Alex asks whether anyone is familiar with the DOAPproject (description of a project)
    • Welcome to the DOAP wiki. DOAP is a project to create an XML/RDF vocabulary to describe software projects, and in particular open source projects. In addition to developing an RDF schema and examples, the DOAP project aims to provide tool support in all the popular programming languages." Anyone encounter this before – or a better vocab? Might be useful in the VIVO.IS-BY.US perspective. In last week's dev call, I was day dreaming about a day when I could use SPARQL to query a new open source project to find out what open source licenses it bundles, e.g. it would be a nice-to-have if the meta-VIVO could some day answer that question about any VIVO related component including the main VIVO package.
  • Free PDF of Semantic Web Design Patterns book
  • Issues running the Harvester on Windows – Could not find the main class: org.vivoweb.harvester.util.DatabaseClone
  • Using VIVO for my master thesis
    • Among the other tasks that I have to do is the creation of additional visualizations inside the VIVO. I have created the additional visualizations and I have added the files in the folders vivo/productsMods and /webapps of my VIVO distribution folder. In order to display these visualizations (for instance) at the VIVO web page of each person, what additions/modifications must I do?

Items for next week

  • speaker from Github training – Alex Viggio will be coordinating

Call-in Information

1. Please join my meeting.

2. Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended. Or, call in using your telephone.

Dial +1 (773) 897-3008
Access Code: 322-087-560
Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting

Meeting ID: 322-087-560

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