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This task force has been archived. If you are interested in this topic, please join Slack to discuss. See


Vitro currently has a reasoning layer that writes inferences into a persisted graph. Some triple stores have reasoning built in.

There is a project that demonstrates inferencing in Fuseki (the Jena SPARQL server)

Is it possible to move all of the reasoning, and the knowledge of the VIVO-ISF ontology, to a SPARQL server.


Being able to move reasoning into an underlying SPARQL server potentially opens up routes to simplify the architecture of Vitro/VIVO. Whilst there are commercial stores - many offering a base level for free - it would be good to prove that we can do this on at least one open source, completely free platform.


  1. Demonstrate the level of reasoning (inverse properties, superclasses, mostSpecificType) that is present in Vitro can be implemented inside Fuseki
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