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Calls are held every Thursday at 1 pm eastern daylight time (GMT-5) – convert to your time at

These calls now use WebEx – see the "Call-in Information" at the bottom of this page.

Please add additional agenda items or updates --


  • Weill – 1) continuing work on performance issue, modifying SPARQL query related to publications data ingest (question), seems to be faster, 2) trying to manage multiple labels for some publications, and Save button in UI doesn't seem to work (seems that it is working, but is slow – dev suggested adding an indicator cursor "waiting").
  • Cornell – 1) reviewing concerns around deploying VIVO to other non-Tomcat servlet containers; 2) deploy v1.5 custom short views to VIVO Cornell production (preferred title first, then primary position w/ label+department); 3) documentation on the wiki (add link)

  • Colorado – 1) released VIVO UCCS (Colorado Springs campus) to production – will be behind campus firewall initially, our first v1.5 production instance; 2) upgrading VIVO CU-Boulder dev/test to v1.5.1

  • UCSF –
  • Penn – 
  • NYU – 
  • Stony Brook –
  • Johns Hopkins – 
  • Indiana --
  • Florida --
  • Duke --
  • Brown – 

  • other

Notable development list traffic

  • Colorado – Wild cards and capital words – Brian Caruso notes the need to develop repeatable tests for Solr configuration and a standard set of search test data for 1.6
  • Colorado – are the image issues with the FileServingServlet resolved (see Jim's latest message to the list)
  • Colorado – changing ?hasContent to ?hasVisibleContent (see Jim's latest message to the list)
  • UF - Indexing in 1.5 after a merge of two individuals

In cleaning up data, we do a lot of merges.  Merges rewrite triples to remove duplicate URIs. In 1.4, when object were merged, the “old” object would remain in index lists with no label (odd behavior, since the URI no longer exists).  And after “some period of time” – sometimes instantaneous, sometimes 10-15 minutes, the “old” object would no longer appear in the index lists and the counts of objects would be updated. In 1.5.1, when objects are merged, the “old” object remains in the index lists with all the attributes of the merged object.  The index list in effect has two entries for the same object.  Same URI, same properties.  The duplicate entries do not go away – I’ve checked after more than 24 hours.  To see the problem, Click on Index, then Organizations, then Page 25.  You will see many duplicated entries in the index.  The duplicates each have the same URI. The duplication in the index does not occur always.  In “some” cases, hitting refresh after a merge shows a single merged object in the index list.  But this is very rare.  In “some” cases the behavior of 1.4 is seen, the old object is in the index list until it goes away after some time. But the vast majority of the merges end up in two index entries, each with the same URI. Would be good if the index cleaned up after itself as it did in 1.4”  - Michael Conlon


Call-in Information

Topic: VIVO weekly developer call

Date: Every Thursday, no end date

Time: 1:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

Meeting Number: 645 873 290

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