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  • Colorado (Stephen and Alex)
    • plan to release Harvester based ingest, replacing legacy Selenium-based approach, next week
    • much faster using the Harvester process!
    • fixed search page results pull request
    • JIRA ticket updates
  • Cornell (Jim, Brian Lowe, Tim, Huda)
    • planning 1.6 release
    • Huda planning to to test how Datastar functions as a VIVO-Datastar app (i.e. looks like VIVO, not Datastar, but has additional dataset functionality)
  • Duke (Richard, Patrick and Jim)
    • setting up Fuseki SPARQL endpoint
    • more discussion about how to leverage Symplectic Elements for other data
  • Memorial (Max)
    • working on reviewing documentation to inform work plan/schedule
  • Scripps (Michaeleen)
    • Continuing to work on two data projects in preparation for grant ingest (PMID/PMCID article identifiers & primary faculty appointments)
  • Stony Brook (Tammy and Erich)
    • working on Web ID for VIVO servlet, trying not to modify VIVO core code
    • trying to package it as a separate WAR file, but abandoned due to inter-WAR communication being not standard Java Servlet container spec
    • back to using WAR context, to stay on track for conference prototype -- could maybe solve the comm issue using EJBs or Apache TomEE 
  • Texas A&M (Violeta)
    • have a test server
    • thinking about CSV ingest
  • Weill Cornell (Paul)
    • finished conventional logging of pub ingest and working on exception logging, to suggest places to improve queries
    • discussion of best source(s) for org names, e.g. depts, labs, dept divs, physician’s orgs
    • address data issues, like missing or duplicate labels

VIVO webinars

VIVO 1.6

VIVO 2013 Conference

  • List of sessions and poster posted here (PDF)
  • Register before Tomorrow, June 21 for best rate and conference hotel availability
  • Conference hotel is Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark Hotel
    • Conference rate $129.00+taxes for single/double room, and is only valid through July 13th based on availability
    • Click here to book your hotel room reservation.
  • Wednesday night baseball game (Cardinals vs Pirates) and cold beer!

VIVO to Join DuraSpace Organization as Incubated Project

Notable implementation and development list issues

  • VIVO API, first draft (Jim)
  • Open Data Stack Exchange (public beta) also license free Semantic Web SE (proposal stage) vs (Alex) – Discourse is a related technology in beta that has more of a forum format

  • Slow loading of profiles when logged in (Tyler, Don)
  • Rebuilding and restarting a test instance from scratch (Giuseppe)
  • Has anyone responded to Mark Fallu regarding profiling? (Jim responded off-list)

Call-in Information

Date: Every Thursday, no end date

Time: 1:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

Meeting Number: 641 825 891

To join the online meeting

To join the audio conference only

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