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Calls are held every Thursday at 1 pm eastern time (GMT–4 in daylight savings, GMT-5 standard time) – convert to your time at

View and edit this page permanently at, or use the temporal Google Doc for collaborative note taking during the call.



  • Brown (Ted)

    • group of 70 faculty are reviewing profiles, testing editing and completing a survey.  Review period ends this week.  

    • disambiguating journal names from CV data in preparation for loading medical school publications

  • Colorado (Stephen & Alex)

    • Found an issue related to running Harvester, where Unicode data was being translated by JDBC, and were not persisted in MySQL as UTF8

    • Working on Harvester 1.6-related upgrades

  • Cornell (Jim, Brian, Tim)

    • Continuing to document the release.

  • Duke (Patrick)

    • Ingesting data from legacy faculty system and finish work on artistic works app (part of their ingest application that’s built in Ruby on Rails)

  • EPA (Laura, Zac)

    • Planning to upgrade to 1.6 after the holidays -- dev instance looks good!

  • Memorial (Max)

    • Stuck on some ingest hurdles -- Stephen thinks the Diff example might be old

  • RPI

    • Planning to demo their VIVO/CKAN integration on our Jan 16th call

  • UCLA (David)

    • Dev install of VIVO 1.6, examining main data categories in VIVO ontology for faculty profiles, interested in web services. Trying to use MS SQL Server as relational backend for Jena.

    • Two devs running into an error signing up for DuraSpace accounts

  • Stony Brook (Tammy)
    • Tammy running through a 1.6 install.

Notable list traffic

  • Installation Documentation for version 1.6?
  • custom vivo queries & pubmed harvesting

    • Stephen: PubMed will reply back to this thread --Current  Harvester release won’t work with 1.6 ontology yet
  • VIVO Apps and Tools Call #9

  • MySQL queries on a VIVO database

  • Ordering presentation participants

See the vivo-dev-all archive and vivo-imp-issues archive for complete email threads

Call-in Information

  • Date: Every Thursday, no end date
  • Time: 1:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)
  • Meeting Number: 641 825 891

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