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Documentation for next release


  • Brown (Ted)

    • reviewing feedback/survey results from faculty testers

    • working with CV publication data, e.g. normalizing journal names

    • expect to attend the Implementation Fest (Steve and Ted)

  • Colorado (Alex)

    • documenting our implementation with Stephen’s transition

  • Cornell (Brian, Jim, Tim, Huda)

    • answering questions on the dev mailing list

    • catchup on other project held while they were working on 1.6

    • VIVO Cornell planning to move to 1.6 before IFest

  • EPA (Zac)

    • No updates again today, but thanks for having me on

  • Florida (Nicholas)

    • augmented articles with meta data, e.g. SKOS concepts from PubMed keywords and links to article full text and abstracts via DOI resolution (on campus)

    • cleaning up duplicate PubMed IDs and bugs in course data ingest

    • Nicholas will have an AMIA conference poster on data checker software, and another UF poster on PeopleSoft people ingest software

  • Memorial (Lisa, John)

    • first day back since before holidays -- campus was closed due to deep freeze and rolling power outages

    • hired Miles Worthington to work with Max, and setup a Drupal 7 install using new VIVO 1.6 API to address their needs for web content management functionality -- will work with graphic designers on the Drupal site

    • still planning Spring 2014 go live of new VIVO-backed, Drupal-based Yaffle site which will also be New Brunswick and College North Atlantic (17 campuses), generating interest at a number of other Canadian universities

    • Max successfully migrated older Yaffle data to VIVO 1.6

  • RPI -- still planning to demo VIVO+CKAN next Thursday, January 16

  • Scripps (Michaeleen)

    • continuing quality control review of faculty profiles and publications

    • no date yet for v.1.6 upgrade - perhaps February

  • Stony Brook (Tammy)

    • Error occurs sporadically.  Usually on application restart.  The error looks “bad” but it doesn’t actually seem to affect anything: ERROR [VClassGroupCache] Could not build VClassGroupCache. Could not connect with Solr after 5 attempts. Read timed out.

  • UCLA (David)

    • Trying to get VIVO working with SQL Server, but could default back to MySQL, but investigating report issue further -- Jim will also follow up

    • Looking at VIVO ontology and comparing them to business objects that their analysis & design is discovering in UCLA effort (Opus

    • would like to speak with someone about using a different user interface for VIVO CRUD, SPARQL update capabilities, and syncing VIVO data with a relational DB-based data source -- Jim will follow up with JonCR

    • David supported and enhanced faculty information system at Brown, Meg worked on a system at Ohio State that was acquired by TR

  • UCSF (Eric)

    • hosting Profiles for other universities starting with California (not just UC System) -- will be launching a site for USC and UCSD, and to cross link their profiles with UCSF profiles

    • persisting clinical data -- how does this fit with current VIVO 1.6 ontology? Based on the OWL file that he downloaded -- Brian will follow up regarding ISF ontology

    • have been asked about hosting VIVO as well as Profiles -- talking to a local (Bay Area?) commercial vendor interested in this

    • Leslie Yuan will be presenting on UCSF CTSI technology work/innovation at University of Melbourne 2014 research networking conference in February

    • Have a presentation for AMIA -- maybe could have a preview on a future call?

    • Eric: could talk about these and other topics (ORNG) at IFest -- Alex will introduce a few people via email (Julia, Jon, Jim)

  • Weill Cornell (Eliza)

    • Eliza: thanks for help with issue posted to list

    • looking at end of January launch of their public VIVO, with a 1.6 update effort made afterwards given their numerous customizations

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  • Time: 1:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)
  • Meeting Number: 641 825 891

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