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Calls are held every Thursday at 1 pm eastern time (GMT–4 in daylight savings, GMT-5 standard time) – convert to your time at

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Reports and Feedback from the Hackathon and I-Fest

  • Photo link

  • Feedback from participants

    • a different way of getting interaction going ahead of time than the google docs linked to each session? were they used for notes?

      • but great having them all set up for note-taking

    • some sessions could have used more time

    • having multiple displays would help -- bring a portable projector?

    • drinking from a fire hose -- going back to look at the notes

      • a starter kit to come prepared for -- reading up on SPARQL, perhaps

      • the Vagrant setup was useful

  • The hackathon was great -- thanks to Ted and Chris

Upcoming Activities 


  • Brown

  • Colorado

  • Cornell

    • Working on the 1.6.1 bug fix release, with our extensive testing staff (a.k.a. Holly) back from vacation

    • Catching up on documentation that was found to be missing at the I-Fest

  • Duke (Sheri and Patrick)

    • taking care of a few issues from the go-live

      • got to sit in on a meeting with CS and has apparently gone pretty smoothly -- and good feedback on the artistic works

    • in the process of upgrading to the new Elements 4.6 API for a new publications load

  • Florida

  • IFPRI (Cristina)

    • Trying to find data sources and customizing the ontology to fit our organization, and working on transformations of the data for ingest -- would just write scripts in Ruby to take in a CSV and spit out triples

    • did look into Karma again

  • Memorial

  • RPI (Patrick)

    • Got the VIVO/Shibboleth integration working. Writing up documentation now.

      • Thank you Jim Blake

    • Migrating/Upgrading our instance from test to production (not as easy as thought)

    • Thought would install 1.6, put the database there, and when turned it on, would migrate

      • Brian -- supposed to just migrate

      • Tried it last night -- looked at the instance data this morning and didn’t look any different -- if got to the point of showing data, should have completed the migration, so will look at log files

  • Scripps (Michaeleen)

    • A meeting at UCSD as they consider available profiling systems; several  home-grown, department-level sites (including Scripps Institute of Oceanography, a part of UCSD).  Division of Biological Sciences is working with Eric at UCSF and will be launching soon. Nothing campus-wide yet at UCSD

    • Eric -- UCSD has big ambitions to bring in a system but may be a while before a product evolves to meet their needs, including in the humanities -- similar to what Griffin has tried to tackle at Harvard

  • Stony Brook

  • Texas A&M

  • UCLA (David)

    • I-Fest was useful and motivating - lots of ideas.

    • VIVO federated instance -- -- further down the road but general interest and an assumption that would want to participate

  • UCSF (Eric)

    • Trying to figure out submissions for the VIVO conference

    • Finally has a server for the cross-linking data that has for authors -- will be trying SPARQL endpoints in addition to linked data and web scraping

  • Virginia Tech (Keith)

    • working on basic ingest and other things learned at the I-Fest

  • Weill Cornell

  • any others?

Notable list traffic

  • 1.6.1 bug fix release in testing

  • VIVO and Java 1.7 - which version? -- Oracle Java

    • OpenJDK had been installed with the system, and wouldn’t work for another application either, so switched to Oracle Java

    • image uploading -- thumbnails, images -- doesn’t seem to work with OpenJDK

  • Anyone using Active Directory with VIVO?

    • a colleague of Cristina’s -- still coming

    • Ponce Medical School in Puerto Rico is using Windows but is small enough they did not very likely connect their institutional authentication

    • It may be possible to find articles about other Java applications integrating with Active Directory -- search beyond the VIVO community for other integrations

      • would the CAS authentication system

      • or Atlassian Confluence or Jira ?

    • the survey would be helpful here

  • Shibboleth -- now working at RPI thanks to Yu -- needed configuration settings to be correct, and are updating documentation today

    • one short page in the installation guide

    • Jim has set up a new page with a sketchy outline of more detailed documentation

  • Map of Science – coordinating an interest group to update

    • if people who want to use this could let Jon know, we can approach Indiana University together

  • Do we have anyone brave enough to try out OpenSocial gadgets

    • still fully active and is being tested in the 1.6.1 release

    • an alternative way to bring in data

    • could be a solution for visualizations

See the vivo-dev-all archive and vivo-imp-issues archive for complete email threads

Call-in Information

  • Date: Every Thursday, no end date
  • Time: 1:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)
  • Meeting Number: 641 825 891

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