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Working Group Activities 

  • VIVO 1.7 development

    • VIVO 1.7 RC3 available

    • Doing limited testing because RC2 came close to passing

    • Putting together the release announcement

    • 1.7 will not require a data migration so no changes to data ingest will be required; but there is a data migration for the users accounts that have still be stored in RDB; rationale is that Jena has deprecated RDB

    • The raw triples for the content will remain in SDB for VIVO 1.7; the triples for user accounts will be in TDB (so not accessible through the same endpoint as the primary data).

    • Note that the Apache Jena project has indicated that support for SDB is going away, so part of the work for VIVO 1.8 will be exploring TDB as a primary data store, as well as other triple store options; not yet committing to TDB; Eric to look at performance of TDB

    • See VIVO v1.7 release planning and notes from last call

  • VIVO 1.6.2 is out, fixes a memory leak. See here:

Site Updates

    • Brown --- (Steven) -- Ted has developed a new publication harvesting feature that pulls publications from CrossRef and from the Harvard Profiles system for PubMed data -- for faculty members to manage publications as they become discovered and add them to their profiles, as well as supporting manual publication entry

    • Colorado

    • Cornell

      • The bug fix for 1.6.2 has been stable on VIVO Cornell for 2 weeks now

    • Duke

      • Patrick is making progress on providing citation format options to users and he will pass that forwarding to the report creation tool,

      • Sheri continuing to work on professional activities and adding that to our VIVO.

      • Scholars is completely rolled out now, and it will be opened up to non-faculty soon

    • DuraSpace (Layne) -- the Webinar yesterday had 40+ attendees

      • also working on a draft prospectus for VIVO search (an upgrade to since we have interest and will be putting together funding support, which hopes to circulate more widely soon

      • not being framed just to appeal to any single group such as CTSAs -- could be used by regional groups, disciplinary groups, etc.

    • Emory -- (Michael Mitchell and Daniel Grant)

      • Just getting started after some work at the IFest -- had been working on a Symplectic connector as an extension to the Harvester. Worked to update to changes in the 1.6 ontology -- changes mostly to the XSLTs but will monitor the GitHub code base

    • Florida

    • Fundação Getulio Vargas

    • IFPRI -- International Food Policy Research Institute

    • Memorial University

      • Looking for feedback on the Yaffle ontology; a review from the working group

      • And for instructions on loading the Yaffle module into the ISF -- Brian will send a note and add to the wiki

      • When added the ontology into VIVO and try to export it, the export did not include the classes and properties in the Yaffle namespace, while they did show up when exported the VIVO core ontology

        • was able to do successfully in 1.5 but seems to be broken in 1.6

    • Scripps (Michaeleen)

      • Catherine & Michaeleen will be attending the Austin conference

      • VIVO Survey submitted last week

    • Smithsonian

    • Stony Brook

    • Symplectic

    • RPI/Deep Carbon Observatory

      • (Patrick) -- had a workshop in Troy a couple weeks ago for the Deep Carbon secretariat and presented the VIVO-CKAN-Drupal integration; will be moving to use Shibboleth

      • And starting a similar set of services for the entire RPI campus, for use by faculty staff and services; will be replacing 2-3 faculty existing profile systems. Will support import from ResearchGate and other external systems

      • Looking to be able to go to a form, enter a DOI, submit it to CrossRef, and pull back the publications into VIVO -- could perhaps build on Mummi Thorisson’s work on GitHub

    • Texas A&M

    • UCLA

    • UCSF (Eric)

      • Nick Benik is working to put the application he’s demonstrated at previous VIVO conferences up on a website and making it available as an OpenSocial gadget-- focusing on demonstrating cross-site linkages

        • can be done in contexts beyond publications -- conference attendance, participation in running clinical trials

        • or imports of LinkedIn or ResearchGate contacts

      • USC is working on a way to bring clinical trials data into Profiles -- data is hard to parse, but they have been able to clean and parse the data in a generalized way that could be a good starting point for people wanting to pull that data into their system

      • A question -- WHO is looking into research profiling -- Federico Sancho at IICA in Costa Rica is organizing a meeting the week after the VIVO conference, and will be speaking himself at the VIVO conference about plans for a Latin and South American research network

    • Virginia Tech (Julie)

      • Symplectic Elements implementation in process; reviewing and preparing bibliographic data for import into Elements

        • Looking at Digital Measures data to see if can parse out some information for import into Elements

        • Especially for intellectual outputs other than journal articles -- faculty have been entering that data for years and want to preserve it and bring it over into Elements

        • Looking at a phased, campus-wide implementation of Elements

      • Handful of profiles in VIVO for library and research institute faculty; will be looking at the VIVO Harvester

    • Weill Cornell

      • We may have successfully addressed the “LastName, FirstName” / “FirstName LastName” issue but I don’t know how.

      • Fixed a lot of our errors associated with appointment ingest

      • Continuing to work on updating certain parts of Harvester to work with 1.6

      • The way had been using multiple graphs, had triggered a check for each user of whether the user had permission to edit the graph; harder to address for logged-in users, but want to investigate in case there are implications for performance

Notable List Traffic

See the vivo-dev-all archive and vivo-imp-issues archive for complete email threads

Call-in Information

  • Date: Every Thursday, no end date
  • Time: 1:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)
  • Meeting Number: 641 825 891

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