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Link to temporal Google doc for meeting notes:


  • Apps & Tools Working Group: next call September 23 at 1pm ET

  • Ontology Working Groupnext call October 7 at 1pm ET

    • On the Tuesdays when there is not a call, there will be Ontology Office Hours using the same call-in information as the main Ontology calls

  • VIVO Hackathon: October 13-15

    • Where: Mann Library, Cornell University, Ithaca NY 14853
    • Who: Anyone interested in participating and hopefully contributing to the development, documentation, or testing of VIVO software, the VIVO-ISF ontology, or apps & tools to produce, visualize, or leverage VIVO data
    • Cost: No registration fee. You pay your travel, hotel, and meals. We provide space, access to Cornell VIVO developers, and refreshments.
    • Tracks/topics discussed at

Theme: VIVO Visualization Working Group?

High level questions

  1. How should VIVO be updated in such a way to allow developers to more readily develop and integrate visualizations?
    1. Do visualizations belong in the core?
    2. How might the VIVO community be involved, to reduce cost of initial development and of long term maintenance?
    3. Can we build a working group to do this soon?
    4. Can we clarify what people working on the core need to do to support a visualization effort -- how would this fit with priorities for core development?
    5. How to facilitate visualization development without requiring Java development expertise?
  2. Which technologies are best-suited and most versatile for creating visualizations within VIVO?
    1. Existing visualization libraries
    2. OpenSocial, other?
  3. What is the best process by which new visualizations would be decided upon?
  4. Which visualizations and what use cases do they address?

Review Don’s project proposal and planning spreadsheet, and discuss his goal.

  • Suggestion to maintain 4-5 visualizations in the core VIVO source code
  • Defining a framework to easily add more visualizations to the core
  • Can we tackle this work collaboratively, to reduce cost and increase sustainability?


Action items to keep this moving?

  • Define a charter -- how to we know when we’ve succeeded?
  • Identifying (or recruiting) the initial working group
  • Selecting up a regular time to meet


Notable List Traffic

See the vivo-dev-all archive and vivo-imp-issues archive for complete email threads

Call-in Information

Calls are held every Thursday at 1 pm eastern time – convert to your time at

  • Date: Every Thursday, no end date
  • Time: 1:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)
  • Meeting Number: 641 825 891

To join the online meeting

1. Call in to the meeting:

   1-855-244-8681 (Call-in toll-free number (US/Canada))

   1-650-479-3207 (Call-in toll number (US/Canada))

2. Enter the access code:

   641 825 891 #

3. Enter your Attendee ID:

   8173 #

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