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DescriptionMake an NIH Biosketch from a VIVO URI
OwnerMike Conlon
TeamMike Conlon


Create an NIH biosketch suitable for editing.


Many investigators who participate in grant applications to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States are required to provide a "biosketch" in NIH format.  The biosketch includes information that is available in VIVO.  The data in VIVO is often better than the data provided by the faculty member – the publications have PubMED ID, the grants are properly cited, and the information is organized as required by the NIH.  This saves the faculty member from the drudgery of producing a biosketch and allows the faculty member to take advantage of the data in VIVO.

The generator does not attempt to pick publications.  It lists all the faculty member's publications.  Editing can remove publications that are over the page limit for the biosketch as specified in the FOA.


Given a URI, the generator produces a biosketch in RTF format, ready for editing.


See GitHub.


  • The software currently is built for VIVO 1.5 and prior and would need to be updated for VIVO 1.6 and beyond
  • The software produces the "old" NIH biosketch format and would need to be updated to produce the current NIH biosketch format