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Opportunities for shared data

There are many resources for authoritative, identified, shared data that can be leveraged by the VIVO community and also opportunities for the VIVO community to contribute to a growing effort to create and disambiguate stable URIs for people, organizations, events, journals, subject headings, and other types of data.

This need has been recognized in the VIVO community for some time but there don't appear to be simple solutions, even if we as a community are willing to host some form of registry to crosswalk identifiers from different sources (where that would even make sense or be permitted under licenses on the data).

Leslie McIntosh of Washington University in St. Louis contributed two datasets during the NIH VIVO grant (2009-2012) that are still available in the VIVO Sourceforge file repository in the data ingest section:

Chris Barnes from the University of Florida has been investigating funding organizations, and has discussed this on an Apps & Tools call and demonstrated work to date at the VIVO Hackathon in October, 2014. His work involves supplementing FundRef organizations with additional information that will provide more specific geography and potentially support generating maps of funding sources from VIVO data.

Recently the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover has published data on German federal states and cities from all over the world in VIVO format on GitHub at and given it a DOI 

Exploratory work was done to harvest University names from several VIVOs and link those to OrgRef using DBPedia URIs.  This data is available for querying and browsing via a Linked Data Fragments server -

There are further longstanding and new efforts to identify stable identifiers for organizations:




ISNI | Ringgold

ORCID affiliations

Dunn & Bradstreet



Organisation Identifier Project (collaboration of Datacite, Crossref and ORCID)

Please add any new information to the above list.






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