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What are roadmap proposals?

Many members of the VIVO Community are in a position to seek grant funding from various sponsors, including grant agencies, philanthropic groups, and institutional groups, such as research institutes, libraries, offices of research, and others.  It is helpful to have considered what proposals might be made to sponsors that are consistent with the VIVO Roadmap.  These proposals (short, one page summaries) answer the question "if we were able to get funding for VIVO, what would we use it for?".  Below are a series of one page proposals that have been collected from the community and constitute our best thinking regarding advancing VIVO and Vitro.

We have not listed ideas that are currently underway – these include 1) responsive theming for mobile devices; 2) improved translations and multi-language support; and 3) ontology work processes

Roadmap proposals

  1. Cross site search
  2. Cross site linking
  3. Integration with open source repositories
  4. Turn-key VIVO
  5. The Magic Place
  6. Claiming works in other systems
  7. VIVO Searchlight
  8. Open source scientometrics
  9. Unpaywall, OADOI for VIVO articles
  10. Concept pages for showcasing institutional work
  11. ElasticSearch for facets and JSON access to data

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