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This task force is archived. Version 1.81 provides visualizations using D3, a standard visualization tool. Additional visualizations are very welcome. If you have idea about visualizations for VIVO, please contact Graham Triggsor Mike Conlon



Many institutions that have implemented VIVO have expressed the need for the development of new and improved visualization applications. The current visualization tools that originated with VIVO are no longer being maintained and do not yield accurate results, and the code does not meet current standards. Since the initial visualization tools were made available, other local, open source visualization tools have been developed. For example, Northwestern University uses Lattice Grid to visualize VIVO data with a suite of their own tools. University of Florida and Weill Cornell Medical Center are other examples.  A number of open source solutions adapted at local institutions may now be available as well. One set of these tools could be adapted to ship with VIVO "out of the box" with some modifications to the core VIVO code.

 Recently, a VIVO Registered Service Provider offered to support the identification and subsequent adaptation of visualization tools that will:

  1. better showcase the linked data held in a populated VIVO installation; and 
  2. appeal to organizations whose VIVO projects have either stalled for lack of adequate visualization tools or who have yet to join the VIVO community.

This task force proposes to identify an initial visualization toolset from a shortlist of potential candidates and to prepare a high level project plan for adapting/integrating the visualization tools into a future VIVO release. 


  • Identify existing open source visualization tools that could be adapted for general use with VIVO
  • Evaluate the candidate tools and select one
  • Outline a high level project plan for integrating the tools with VIVO
  • Review the adaption and integration work as it progresses


  • List of candidate visualization tools
  • Evaluation of tools and final selection
  • Project plan for adapting, integrating tools
  • Delivery of new standard visualization tools

Suggested schedule:


Solicit members and schedule first meeting

2 weeks


Identify candidate visualization tools



Evaluate tools and make a selection



Get feedback from community



Develop high level project plan for adoption and integration of tool  
Review first iteration of tool  
Review second iteration of tool  
Deliver new visualization tools as new standard distribution replacing current tools  


Task Force Members

Alex Viggio - Symplectic - Member

Paul Friedman - Northwestern University - - VIVO Community Member

others to be solicited from the VIVO Community

Meeting Times


Communication Channels

  • Distribute proposed charter and solicit participation from community via appropriate mailing lists

  • Announce task force creation and progress on relevant Working Group calls.

  • Create a page in the VIVO wiki for the task force, with child pages for meeting agendas, notes, and additional information


  1. Does this include changing the default theme, adding a new theme, or is theming out of scope?

  2. Theming is out of scope.  This task force is focused on visualization of VIVO data