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"Web Analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Internet data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing Web usage." (Digital Analytics Association official definition)

A discussion from the VIVO dev mailing list begins: "As the profile of VIVO implementations grow, having the ability to analyze web stats and communicate broadly about them will become more valuable. Maybe a topic for the 2014 Implementation Fest? Even if we're just sharing our GA tips and tricks, not having cycles to test out these alternatives."

Web Analytics Solutions

  • Google Analytics
  • New Relic: "all-in-one web application performance tool"
  • Site AI: "The problem with dashboards is they don’t directly provide insights or deliver knowledge about the data. Even worse, most visualizations require the user go through the mental exercise of interpreting the results. Site Ai does the analysis for you and presents the information in plain English."
  • Mixpanel: "Page view counts are popular because they are easy to report, but ultimately cannot tell you how engaged your visitors are. Mixpanel lets you measure what customers do in your app by reporting actions, not page views."
  • Chartbeat
  • Matomo (ex-PIWIK): "Matomo is the only analytics platform that gives you full control over your data and more: Free open-source software,100% data ownership,User privacy protection,User-centric insights,Customisable and extensible,Easy to use,No data limits".


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