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This documentation covers the latest release of VIVO, version 1.10.x.
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Template variables are made available to render dynamic content within the application. To print a variable's value in FreeMarker, use the following syntax:

Some variables have methods which can be used to return a value or perform a task such as adding a stylesheet or script to the <head> element.
${stylesheets.add('<link rel="stylesheet" href="mystylesheet.css" />')}
${headScripts.add(<script type="text/javascript" src="myscript.js"></script>)}

Special template directives provide debugging features that assist in template development.
<@describe var="stylesheets" />
(describe the methods callable on a template variable)

<@dump var ="stylesheets" />
(dump the contents of a template variable)

<@dumpAll />
(dump the contents of the template data model)

A sample page at *

* demonstrates most of the methods and directives available within a template. The template file responsible for this page is vitro-core/webapp/web/templates/freemarker/body/samples.ftl.

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