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This documentation covers the latest release of VIVO, version 1.10.x.
If you are able to help contribute to this documentation, please contact sysadmin at duraspace dot org
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VIVO should be configured to send email using an smtp service of your choice.  VIVO sends email from its contact form.  VIVO also sends email to users when changes are made to their accounts.  Modify the two lines below in, then restart Tomcat.

Email parameters in
# Email parameters which VIVO can use to send mail. If these are left empty,
# the "Contact Us" form will be disabled and users will not be notified of
# changes to their accounts.

email.smtpHost =
email.replyTo =


The namespace parameter is the single most important parameter in your VIVO configuration.  It is used in every triple created by VIVO.  It should match the domain name of your VIVO production site.  So, if your VIVO production site will be reached on the Internet with a web address of the Vitro.defaultNamepsace parameter is should be set as shown below.

Namespace parameter in
  # This namespace will be used when generating URIs for objects created in the
  # editor. In order to serve linked data, the default namespace must be composed
  # as follows (optional elements in parentheses):
  # scheme + server_name (+ port) (+ servlet_context) + "/individual/"
  # For example, Cornell's default namespace is:

Vitro.defaultNamespace =

Additional Configuration

For additional configuration parameters see Configuration Reference

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