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Meeting Notes

Due to capacity constraints on the teleconference line, if you plan to attend the meeting please email Valorie Hollister at vhollister[at] in advance to ensure their will be space. This month's meeting will occur Tuesday, February 1, 2011 at 9:00am Eastern/14:00 GMT.. For dial in instructions, click here.

  1. News
    1. xSo long and big thank you to Ronee Francis
    2. xDSpace reaches 1000 known instances
    3. DSpace 1.7 promotion
      1. 1.7 webinar recording posted shortly
      2. Univ of Mich 1.7 upgrade complete?
      3. Cambridge working on scalability testing in Feb/Mar, upgrading before summer
      4. possibly more webinars in March or April - deeper dive on 1.7 features - Mirage and DSpace Discovery (
    4. Next major DSpace release
      1. Oct 2011
      2. what might be included: release notes
    5. e-Forum on Jan 20-21 "Is DSpace 1.7 on your roadmap?" - hosted by Alice Platt, next e-forum on March 15-16 (3 days?)
      1. need a co-moderator, ideally in Europe, Asia or Australia/NZ
      2. future topic suggestions
        1. Statistics (particularly, being able to share stats with users)
        2. Workflow (how do you put things into your repository?)
        3. Copyright procedures (how do you research copyright for things you put in your repository?)
        4. Citation management (is there a need to provide a way to pull out citations out of your repository?)
        5. upgrade process - how do you upgrade, testing, bringing in customizations
    6. Documentation Mgmt Team
      1. useful info from mailing list - procedure to get answers from mailing list to wiki docs or in a FAQ/discussion forum
    7. Open Repositories Conference, June 8-11, 2011
      1. DSpace user group mtg chair, Holly Mercer - sent out call on 1/31
      2. planning a joint DCAT/committer mtg/cocktail hour at OR11
        1. need date announced - likely June 7th - need notice to DCAT
    8. Other news?
  2. New feature discussion process
    1. how did it go? what are some of the issues?
      1. like to see more participation, good enough discussion, complicated issue - wondering about next steps
      2. inquires to cmtrs/developer on status of issue -- whether work is continuing by assignee or where it can be worked on be others - kicked back to DCAT to solicit help
    2. participation
      1. if you haven't lead a discussion yet (aim is for everyone to lead one every 6-8 wks), please sign up for a week and make a JIRA issue selection (something that interests you!)
        1. this week - Jan 26 - Feb 4: Sarah Shreeves - DS587 Tombstoning 
      2. please participate in discussions, even if it is just to vote on the discussion leaders recommendations, +1, -1 or 0
      3. pick issue and sign up on the discussion schedule - each member to lead one discussion every 6-8 wks
      4. if possible, the week you are the discussion leader, please attend the committer mtg
    3. next steps for high priority, broad interest
      1. when to schedule discussions (don't want to conflict w/e-forum)
      2. use the discussion forum or the mailing list?
  3. Recruiting new members 
    1. Elin working on some people
  4. Meeting Attendees:
    1. Bram Luyten, Graham Triggs, Jim Ottaviani, Elin Stangeland


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