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Get Involved!

The success of the Preservation and Archiving solution community depends on the involvement and contributions of the community members. Here are some ways to jump in:

  • Start out by checking out the knowledge base   - The community maintains a wiki that is intend to be a dynamic, growing knowledge base with a broad array of contributors. Learn about relevant tools, standards, experiences, use cases and policy decisions that others have made.
  • Join the Mailing List - to particpate in discussions, get your questions answered, commiserate, just lurk.
  • Contribute to the knowledge base - Contribute your favorite references, your experiences, tools, standards, relevant documents, etc. If you have a contribution and you are not sure where it fits, contact our wiki gardener. If you don't already have an account give yourself one .
  • The DuraPres Preservation and Archiving blog provides a vehicle for open exchange of ideas and initiatives. The blog was established by the DuraSpace Preservation and Archiving Solution Community which offers a community framework to develop and support the preservation needs of users of repository platforms.  Note the challenge on the blog to do a self-assessment of your repository to determine if it is a trusted repository.
  • Attend community events
  • Present your experience at a community event.
  • Volunteer efforts to work on a project as needed by the community.
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