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This wiki space is now deprecated. The wiki for Samvera (formerly the Hydra Project) is now to be found here: Samvera

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  • Get people up to speed with what's going on in SMIG, upcoming SMIG presentations, etc.
  • Identify ideas for potential Service Management workshops, panels, sessions, etc. for the Hydra Connect 2016 program
  • View current proposals: Suggestions for HC2016 program

Discussion items

5 min.IntroductionsAll
  • see attendees
10 min.Open Repositories updatesKieran

There will be a few presentations and discussions at OR related to service management, including "what is Hydra and how to make it useful for your institution," as well as breakout sessions on "what is service management and why is it important," and an open discussion on metrics for defining success, with the goal of deciding as a group what the metrics are, and coming up with a "best practices" deliverable. Metrics interests/questions include:

  • how to set assessment agenda for repository program?
  • common metrics
  • usage/access stats and data - what's useful to report up?
  • user experience surveys
  • how to best collect statistics, and what stats to collect?
  • ways to make sure stats are accessible


10 min.Hydra Virtual Connect updateSheilaSheila and Kieran will be giving a 10 min. lightning talk on the current activities and future goals of the SMIG
5 min.other updates?All

Kieran is working on marketing materials for SMIG

Call time moving forward will be noon Pacific time

15 + min.Discuss ideas for Hydra ConnectAll
  • open discussion session for all roles (not just managers)
    • how to work effectively as a stakeholder in the agile framework
    • bring devs more into the conversation
  • open discussion for managers
    • top 3 concerns
    • biggest success
    • challenges, solutions, etc.
  • maybe unconference sessions based on open discussions?
  • maybe use or build on metrics session from OR?
  • service management workshop - focused on one or more topics from the documentation we have so far, based on interest/need (maybe metrics included?)
5. min.Identify action itemsAllsee below

Action items

  • Leah Vanderjagt go through past meeting notes, SMIG duraspace page and past presentations, and interview notes to compile top themes of interest
  • Kieran Etienne start working on re-writing/re-organizing SMIG "Scopes and Objectives" section
  • Kieran Etienne set up a few more interviews
  • Sheila Rabun put call out for featured speaker for July SMIG meeting, also make sure to change the call time to noon Pacific moving forward (email Hannah to change call line reservation)
  • Sheila Rabun email community with notes from today's call
  • Sheila Rabun make agenda for next meeting, include report back from OR