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  • Fill everyone in on service management discussions at Open Repositories
  • Make progress towards solidifying plans for Hydra Connect, reach out to potential presenters

Discussion items

5 minIntrosAll

Report back from Open Repositories:


Kieran Etienne
  • Overview of Hydra technology, then breakout into project management and service management
  • Service management discussion focused on assessment:
    • qualitative/quantitative methods
    • audiences - what are the differences?
    • definition of success
    • marketing/communication strategies
    • Numbers - what kind and where to get them

Planning for Hydra Connect sessions and workshop: see Google Doc:

 do we want to have an in person SMIG meeting at Hydra Connect? (respond per Program committee request) Potential discussion topics (thanks to Leah Vanderjagt):
  • yes - 2 hours.
 top 3 concerns:
  • What is service management and why is there an SMIG?
  • How can we best build up together the role of service managers within in the Hydra project and development community (to benefit everyone)?

    • There seem to be a number of questions about how we can make our 'voices heard' or improve our influence over roadmap/development, strategic directions for service management problems that need a development response.

  • How can Hydra service managers develop a supportive community of practice?

    • I think Patricia articulated this really well - and others echo - we would probably be all relieved by some peer support as we carry out our work, so how can we build a community of practice for service management in the Hydra community that people can turn to/contribute to?

 we are proposing a Service Management panel/open discussion open to all, potential topics for discussion: 
  • What is service management and how do various team roles fit together from a service management perspective?

  • how to work effectively as a stakeholder, and other roles, in the agile framework?
  • How to bring developers more into the service management conversation?

we are proposing a SM workshop - what should we cover? Potential topics (again thanks to Leah Vanderjagt):

  • What is service management:
    • service management skills, roles, and responsibilities
    • service management teams and roles
    • RACI matrix
    • Maintenance and service delivery: operationalizing a service once the product is launched

    • Capacity planning
    • Workflow management
  • Hydra Service Managers: role in Hydra Community
    • Service managers role in development roadmapping - priorities for feature development from a service manager's perspective
    • Working with both developers and stakeholders
    • Translating service problems to user stories, features, and functionality
  • Hydra Service managers: developing a community of practice:
    • Developing the Hydra service management community of practice: working on toolkits, service management definition, engagement with agile development, the stakeholder and product manager roles, communication strategies, envisioning future service; managing service issues/tickets vs. development user stories

    • What are the ways we can work together and support one another as service managers?

  • Marketing, communication, outreach, and advocacy:
    • internal communications regarding continuous development
    • awareness of release implications
    • service manager role as public face of service/product
  • Assessment:
    • usage stats in context of development
    • where does user testing fit in service manager's role

Service Management workshop:

  • Blurb: This workshop will provide an overview of service management best practices, with a focus on roles and responsibilities, communication strategies, and assessment. Participants will hear from service managers in the Hydra community, engage in discussion and hands-on activities, and come away with tips, tricks, and tools for service management planning and execution...

  • Audience = managers, product owners (all levels)

  • Topics (synopsis of content)/Presenters:

    • Intro to Service Management

      • Presentation: Kieran/Tony

      • Activity: point out tools (like UC Santa Barbara)

    • Roles and Responsibilities (talk about project manager vs. service manager vs. product owner, and other team roles? Moving from one role to another)

      • Presentation: Sheila/Patricia

      • Activity: RACI matrix and other tools

    • Communication strategies

      • Presentation: Amy Neeser? - someone from WUSTL

      • Activity: Audiences worksheet - who are the audiences and what kinds of things do each need to know?and other tools

    • Assessment

      • Presentation: Ellen? - Kieran reach out

      • Activity:Build on audiences worksheet, Numbers worksheet…? Other tools

  • Proper title of workshop: Hands On Service Management

  • Length of workshop: half day (3 hours)

  • Limits or requirements: projector, tables for people to work at, paper+pen or laptops

*have people respond yes/no by the end of next week - 30 minutes will encompass presentation, some discussion, and hands-on activity

Additional Notes:

Some repeat from last year would be good

Activity idea: list all of the potential audiences, what are their communication needs (communication), what would they say about the service (assessment)

Make sure to mention tools, maybe provide a list of tools for facilitating difference aspects of service management

Jon willing to be interviewed

Distribute survey at Hydra Connect

 See session planning notes at  

Action items

  • Sheila Rabun let program committee know we want a 2 hours SMIG meeting at Hydra Connect
  • Kieran Etienne reach out to Tony Navarrete regarding Service Management panel and also intro presentation for Workshop
  • Sheila Rabun reach out to Patricia Hswe regarding Service Management panel and also roles and responsibilities/RACI matrix section of Workshop
  • Kieran Etienne reach out to Debs Cane regarding Service Management panel
  • Kieran Etienne investigate and see if someone from Notre Dame can be on the Service Management panel
  • Sheila Rabun reach out to Steve Van Tyul regarding Service Management panel
  • Kieran Etienne figure out presentation and activity for "intro/SM overview" part of workshop
  • Sheila Rabun figure out presentation and activity for "Roles and Responsibilities" part of workshop
  • Kieran EtienneShannon Davis reach out to Amy Neeser regarding "communication" section of workshop - note that activity could include audience list idea
  • "Assessment" section of workshop - Kieran Etienne reach out to Ellen, Sheila Rabun reach out to Karen (admin perspective)
  • Sheila Rabun reach out to someone at UC Santa Cruz to see if they are going to be at HC, and if so could they present/workshop on their toolkit?
  • Sheila Rabun send out notes from today along with call for workshop leaders...
  • All - plan to distribute survey at Hydra Connect...