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Google Hangout



  • Welcome/Intro for team members
    • Ben Howell University of Michigan

    • Sonya Betz University of Alberta

    • David McCallum University of Oregon (for Oregon Digital)

    • Nik Dragovic Emory University

    • Jennifer Colt  Cornell University

  • Overview of Project Objectives

  • Establish a projected timeline 3 or 4 months 
  • Identify dev resources needed to set up Sufia 7.2 local instance and to understand shared usability research
  • Review User Personas from Sufia UI Working Group - Review and Identify who our users are and who we have the ability to research (availability) (e.g., each institution could test with one persona)
  • Identify plan for deliverables and Github tickets related to usability findings

Discussion items

2minWelcomeBen Howell
5minObjectivesBen Howellreview some of the user personas (user from accessibility office as well as some systems "super scale" person will reveal issues)
10minTeam Intros & ExpertiseTeamAll need local instances of Sufia (Sonya going to check with her tech people), mixed levels of formality with usability tests, affinity mapping is a goal this time around (tapping into some formality),
10minTimelineBen Howell & TeamWeekly meetings planned, Ben exploring "RealTime Board" app,
10minSetup & TrainingTeamWould be on own computer ideally, Sonya going to check (might be open ports on their test instance), debrief with note-taker, distribute and open source make this kind of testing rare in development, three to five users per the four to five of us for a total of twelve to 25 results,

Ben Howell & Team

Note-Taking De-brief, Team Affinity Mapping

5minAction ItemsBen HowellBen sending script for review on meeting Wed., think about participant, Sonya looking into instance to share, think about recruitment (screener questions as well as specific individuals that may be representative), Ben will alert Mike Giarlo

Action items