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  • Abstract Individual Institution Usage And RDF Conversion

This wiki space is deprecated

This wiki space is now deprecated. The wiki for Samvera (formerly the Hydra Project) is now to be found here: Samvera

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This page is for an institution to upload a document that contains:

  • For the concept of abstract, what elements, subelements, and attributes do the institutions of this group deal with?
  • How do you use these elements / subelements / attributes?
  • Notes on anything special about an institutions use of these elements / subelements / attributes. (Unusual application logic, extremely complex combinations, potential weirdness in what data you put in it, etc).
  • What level of fidelity are you willing to live without / drop from how you currently represent this data?
  • An attempt by someone at that institution to map that element to RDF. Essentially: If they had to move that to RDF in Fedora 4 today, what would they chose to do with it?

Document Links (github, excel, word, PDF, etc)




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