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The Hydra Partners have a monthly call among committed partners.

  • 2nd Friday of the month
  • 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM Pacific Time
  • See the Get in touch! page for conference line information

In advance of this call, each Partner also sends a (brief) monthly update on their Hydra activities to the hydra-community list.


  • communicate and discuss developments at Hydra Partners
    • a complement to the Hydra-Tech call, which focus on code, the Partners call focuses on community & functional progress
  • track progress on community to do's month-to-month
    • CLA's, OR prep, documentation updates
  • sharing intelligence on prospective Partners
  • coordinate Partner Meetings, Trainings, Workshops and Conferences
  • questions / information sharing among Steering and the Partners
  • celebrate deployment of new heads, gems
  • gather information (news & new page content) for the website
  • welcome & onboard new partners to the community
  • identify and pursue grant or other new development opportunities


  • rotate facilitator and note taker for each monthly call
    • facilitator put up an agenda before hand
    • note taker publish minutes to Web and Hydra-Partners afterwards
    • any non-sensitive bits should also be sent to Hydra-Tech & Hydra Community
  • each partner send a short monthly Email Update before the call 
  • we ask that each Partner have at least one representative on the call (more are welcome)
  • possible (future): we only have one call right now, but as Partners spin up in Europe and Australasia, we may do 2 or 3 calls to cover the time zones. In this case, circulating the agendas, notes and partner updates via email will become especially critical


Partner Call Topic Backlog

(Things you would like to present on OR hear presentations on) 

  • November DLF Hydra Partner Meeting Report out (for December Call)
  • Your topic here...
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