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  • Hydra Tech Call 2017-01-25

This wiki space is deprecated

This wiki space is now deprecated. The wiki for Samvera (formerly the Hydra Project) is now to be found here: Samvera

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Time: 9:00am PDT / Noon EDT

Call-In Info: 1-641-715-3660, access code 651025

Moderator: Andrew Myers

Notetaker: Michael J. Giarlo



  1. Roll call by timezone per following order - ensure notetaker is present
    1. folks outside North and South America
    2. Eastern timezone
    3. Central timezone
    4. Mountain timezone
    5. Pacific timezone
    6. folks who were missed or who dialed in during roll call
  2. Fedora Performance and You (Michael J. Giarlo)
    1. Performance metrics and tests
    2. Next Fedora Tech call is tomorrow, Thursday 1/24 at 11am ET (agenda)
  3. Sufia 7.3.0 release forthcoming (Michael J. Giarlo)
    1. Calling for testers (needs QA & testing of upgrade path from 7.2.0)!
  4. Community expectations around GitHub code review (Justin Coyne)
    1. Self-merges after 1 or more approvals are OK as long as there are 0 dissenting reviews and no unresolved comments.
    2. Jeremy to make a change to and roll out that change once the PR is approved
  5. New version of hydra-head imminent (Justin Coyne)
    2. Still needs
    3. Backport Fixes
    4. Anyone interested in a backport, thinking of CC users? Unclear.
    5. Justin to write the hydra-tech list about these changes
  6. Release of hydra 11.0.0. (Bess Sadler)
    1. Bess will include the new version of hydra-head and re-tag the release
    2. Bess will update Dive Into Hydra and Dive Into Hydra Works tutorials accordingly
  7. Bug when configuring as part of the include block (Jeremy Friesen)
    1. Please review the bug for the heads up. The short of it is gem configuration should not happen as part of a included block of an ActiveSupport::Concern module.
  8. CanCan and curation concerns (Joe Atzberger)
    1. Remove from agenda
  9. (STANDING) Update on Sufia/CurationConcerns Consolidation Plan (Justin Coyne)
  10. (STANDING) Sufia 7.3 Blockers - University of Cincinnati local sprint. (Thomas Scherz)
  11. Moderator/notetaker for next time:
    1. Moderator: Jeremy Friesen
    2. Notetaker: Carolyn Cole