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  • Hydra Tech Call 2017-02-08

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Time: 9:00am PDT / Noon EDT

Call-In Info: 1-641-715-3660, access code 651025

Moderator: Jeremy Friesen

Notetaker: Peter Binkley



  1. Roll call by timezone per following order - ensure notetaker is present
    1. folks outside North and South America
    2. Eastern timezone
    3. Central timezone
    4. Mountain timezone
    5. Pacific timezone
    6. folks who were missed or who dialed in during roll call
  2. Updates on last week's items
    1. Dive into Hydra Works (Bess Sadler)
    2. Hydra release (Bess Sadler)
  3. (STANDING) Update on Sufia/CurationConcerns Consolidation Plan (Justin Coyne)
    1. Request for people to look at the release notes for 7.3
    2. Testing and QA for migration
    3. The release of 7.3 is blocking work in Hyrax since they are keeping hyrax master as close to Sufia 7.3
    4. After the release a 1.0.beta branch will be created in hyrax and master can continue to evolve
    5. The 1.0 release is the migration candidate point
    6. Should we cut Sufia 8 directly after 7.3.0 so that hyrax would equate to Sufia 7.0?
      1. It would be the same as Sufia 7.3, but would allow for work that would not migrate into hyrax
  4. (STANDING) Sufia 7.3 Blockers (Thomas Scherz)
    1. Six bugs closed in the past week
    2. Bug: Files not added to a work when work is edited during background processing (has open PR)
    3. Bug: Error when removing an existing editor from a work (introduced by hydra-head 10.4.0)
    4. Bug: "add files" validation requires 2 files now (introduced by fix to #3048)
  5. Update on Asynchronous Storage work as part of the HydraDAM2 Grant Project (Randall Floyd and/or Daniel Pierce)
    1. Hackathon planning to extend this work for different storage backends
  6. LDCX Dev Congress development ideas (Andrew Myers)
  7. Add external files to FileSets in Hydra-Works - (Andrew Myers)
  8. Moderator/notetaker for next time:
    1. Moderator: TBD
    2. Notetaker: TBD



2. Tabled, since Bess wasn't on the call

3. Discussion focussed on the status of the proposed Hyrax 0.1 release and the migration point for Curation Concerns users. The decision was to release Hyrax 1.0 beta rather than 0.1, and encourage Sufia projects to migrate asap. There will then be a 2.0 release which will be the migration point for Curation Concerns projects (starting with issues that Trey has added this week). Justin will add notes about this to the relevant Hyrax milestones.

4. The PR for #3406 will be merged by Justin unless anyone objects. The new bug #3046 should be considered a blocker but can probably be handled by reverting. There's therefore very little in the way of the Hyrax 1.0 beta release.

5. There was discussion of the need for refining and extending the async storage API, and to improve the user experience by e.g. getting updates to storage requests continuously (e.g. via web socket) rather than by page refreshes.

6. Attention was drawn in particular to the need for refactoring of Hyrax to make it more friendly to the plugin architecture being developed by the Plugins WG.

7. The PR for adding external files to filesets needs more tests and more testing


Next call 2017-02-15

Moderator: Jeremy Friesen

Notetaker: Thomas Scherz