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  • Hydra Tech Call 2017-02-15

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This wiki space is now deprecated. The wiki for Samvera (formerly the Hydra Project) is now to be found here: Samvera

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Time: 9:00am PDT / Noon EDT

Call-In Info: 1-641-715-3660, access code 651025

Moderator: Jeremy Friesen

Notetaker: Thomas Scherz



  1. Roll call by timezone per following order - ensure notetaker is present
    1. folks outside North and South America
    2. Eastern timezone
    3. Central timezone
    4. Mountain timezone
    5. Pacific timezone
    6. folks who were missed or who dialed in during roll call
  2. Report from DURT (Ben Howell)
    1. DURT has finished their 3 month UX and Usability study of Sufia.
    2. Results:  Distributed Usability Research Team (DURT)
    3. Questions about next steps?
      1. Where should the results go?  UX Development Team?
        1. Giarlo:  Design recommendations should be integrated into Hyrax and bug fixes should be added directly to github for Hyrax and Sufia where impacted.
      2. Where should the feedback be communicated?  Hyrax Team, Sufia Team, ...?
        1. Giarlo:  Bring these results and discussion to Hydra Partners meeting @ Stanford in March.  
        2. Giarlo:  Hyrax road map will be discussed and these UX/Usability results could help.
  3. Updates on last week's items
    1. Sufia release candidate testing (Michael J. Giarlo)
      1. Sufia 7.3.rc1 was released last week.  
      2. QA and testing of migration path are still needed.
      3. Final bugs are being reported and resolved.
    2. Dive into Hydra Works (Bess Sadler)
    3. Hydra release (Bess Sadler)
  4. Display Sets and User Collections (Lynette Rayle)
    1. Working with multiple institutions on defining requirements on how Display Sets should function.
    2. Could Display Sets be a replacement for User Collections?  
      1. Cole:  Penn State and Notre Dame have a need for user created collections.  
      2. Rayle:  Would giving the users the ability to make private collections and allow only and administrator to publish them publicly work?
      3. Friesen:  Possibly if they allowed for group assignments as well as individual rights assignments.
    3. Blacklight Folders?  Could this be useful in filling the gabs left by only using Display Sets?
    4. Migration path should be clearly defined and documented for users who have collections.
    5. Lynette is going to post to Hydra Tech for more use case feedback 
  5. (STANDING) Update on Sufia/CurationConcerns Consolidation Plan (Justin Coyne)
    1. Hyrax 1.0 will be stable migration point for Sufia.
    2. Hyrax 2.0 will be stable migration point for CC.
    3. Trey has ported the PLUM code from CC to Hyrax and documented some of the key differences between CC and Hyrax and will share that info in Hyrax repo.
  6. (STANDING) Sufia 7.3 Blockers (Thomas Scherz)
    1. Actively discovering and squashing bugs.
  7. PR for Hydra-works needs feedback please: (Andrew Myers)
    1. Serves as a low-level implementation for adding non-Fedora URLs to represent Files within FileSets.
    2. Needed for building more advanced features re: asynchronous storage.
    3. We need reviewers on this PR.  Are the test strong enough?  Any objections to merging at this level?  Comment on the PR.
  8. Hydra::Groupy - a proposal (Jeremy Friesen)
    1. Gemifying the groups and roles as a service, adapter, plug-in for Hydra projects. 
    2. Beginning phase.
  9. Moderator/notetaker for next time:
    1. Moderator: Glen Horton
    2. Notetaker: Tom Johnson