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This wiki space is deprecated

This wiki space is now deprecated. The wiki for Samvera (formerly the Hydra Project) is now to be found here: Samvera

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Below are the summary documents and raw data we intend to complete and share as part of the Hydra-in-a-Box design process. Completed documents are linked; additional documents will be linked to as we finalize them.

Design Brief

A two-page summary of the project goals, partners, scope, and design and development process.

Discovery Research

Environmental Scan

Summary of the relevant literature and websites we reviewed to learn from related research and to better understand the current digital repository landscape.

Spreadsheet of (un-prioritized) potential system and user requirements we gathered from external sources (see list of sources).

Competitive Analysis

Summary of our review of other digital repository products and services.

Community Survey

Raw data collected from our July, 2015 web-based survey. Contains anonymized data from the 248 completed survey responses. A copy of the data is also available in the Stanford Digital Repository.

Final report of the same July, 2015 survey, containing both executive summary and detailed findings sections.

User Interviews

Report on the interviews and focus groups we conducted in Summer and Fall, 2015. Contains both executive summary and detailed findings sections.

Information Architecture


Prioritized list of requirements for the project (based on the Environmental Scan above). Subject to refinement and re-prioritization.

User Personas

 Six user personas that we developed for the project.


Static wireframe diagrams to guide the development of specific Hydra-in-a-Box features.

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