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Hydra Connect 2016 in Boston

Few tickets remain for Hydra Connect in Boston 3-6 October. Details of the booking process for both Connect 2016 and for finding hotels (the conference hotels are now full) can be found on the Hydra Connect 2016 page where you will also find full details of the program.

Quick links for Hydra Connect attendees

Looking for day-to-day information about Hydra Connect? Here are some quick links:

Hydra Connect 2016 home page

Monday workshops and Orientation Sessions

Tuesday morning plenary session

Wednesday parallel presentations, panels and breakouts

Wednesday lightning talks

Thursday unconference sessions - not yet available

Propose or sign up for unconference session

Map of Boston Public Library showing conference rooms - use the Dartmouth Street entrance to the BPL McKim building for access before 9.00am



Meetings and Calls


Interest Group (IG) and Working Group (WG) Hub

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Strategy, Finance & Steering/Administration
The Boneyard



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