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Use Case 1.1 - Requirements - Work page (updates)


ItemOverall ProgressPriorityDeveloperDescriptionDependenciesComments
  Lynette R. (Cornell)Get info about current item from catalog triplestore.
  • Converter: Triplestore populated with Cornell converted Marc data that is accessible via SOLR query to gather information required for display of work information in the list of items for a virtual collection.
Need to implement caching
Infrastructure – NONE
Model – NONE
User Interface
  Lynette R. (Cornell)Add combo box with ability to add current resource to an existing or new virtual collection.
  • Triplestore Model: Get list of all personal virtual collections a specific user can modify from triplestore.
  • UI: My Virtual Collections page exists. (Requirements | Mockup)
  • UI: New Virtual Collection dialog exists. (Requirements | Mockup)
  • External: Get info about current item from catalog triplestore.
Having the ability to create a new collection here may present some challenges since there are two types of collections, i.e. personal and library.  See Use Case 1.2 for more info on library virtual collections.
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